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Year 11 Information Evening

You can access the Year 11 Subject Selection Booklet with this link .
Important Notices

Side Show Musical – Meet the Cast

Name: Sam Henderson Character: Terry Conner Tell us about your character Terry Conner is a talent scout and a press agent. He is intrigued by the twins and is in love with Daisy but is too scared to...
Cultural News

International Women’s Day 2017 – Defence Force Leadership High Tea

‘Strike a pose’ was given renewed meaning as Intelligence Officer Lieutenant Kelsee Ravell referred to Amy Cuddy’s TED Talk on ‘Body Language Shaping Who You Are’ and using the ‘Power Pose’ to...
Careers Department

Subzero Science

It has been a chilly week in Science, whilst outside temperatures soared. Year 1 and Year 8 students have enjoyed watching chemistry in action with a range of valuable learning activities involving...
Secondary College

‘Sideshow’ the Musical

Musical Camp A Huge Success Last weekend, 48 cast, crew, staff, guest presenters and ex-student helpers spent intensive time in rehearsal for ‘Sideshow’ the Musical. Over the three days, the group...
Cultural News

Year 4-6 Sport Captains

Congratulations to the Year 6 Sport Captains who were inducted into their roles at Monday’s assembly. These students play a vital role in enhancing the sporting experience at inter-house carnivals...
From the Head of Staff and Students P-5

Year 2 – Marble Run Investigation

This term, Year 2 students have been integrating learning across several subject areas. In Science, we have been studying forces, looking at the effects of push and pull. In Mathematics, we have...
Junior College

Year 12 University Showcase Day

This week, our Year 12 cohort attended the University Showcase Day. Students heard from various university representatives, TAFE and the Defence Forces on topics such as life as a tertiary student,...
Careers Department

Year 1 Geography and Art

This week in Year 1, students considered the key features of a town that would be a great place for families with children to live in. They drew a plan for the building or feature they were making...
Junior College

Year 3 Geckoes Wildlife Visit

We love native Australian animals! As part of their Science unit this term, Year 3 students were able to get up close and hands-on with a variety of native Australian animals, compliments of the...
Junior College

Year 11 Biology Field Trip

As a part of the ‘Ecology’ unit this term, the two Year 11 Biology classes attended an excursion in Week 4. Over the two days, we engaged in a variety of practical field tests and evaluations. On...
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