Learning Enrichment

Pacific Lutheran College’s Learning Enrichment Program caters for gifted and talented students and those students who require additional support. Results of point in time tests, teacher judgment, IQ tests, parent data and a range of other information is used to identify children with higher levels of need for extension and remediation. Generally, Learning Enrichment staff will work with teaching staff and parents to advise them of strategies best suited to a particular child's needs. In cases of greater need, Learning Enrichment staff will work directly with students usually in class but sometimes on withdrawal basis. Programs are individualised to best support the development of students. The College uses a variety of strategies and programs in its learning support and gifted and talented programs.


Extension - Prep to Year 2

Across Prep to Year 2, children are naturally extended as teachers track their progress in detail and provide opportunities for children to extend themselves to the next level of their learning. Investigations related to the disciplines of Science and Humanities and Social Science from Prep enable all children to enrich their learning experience.

Extension - Year 2-5 YACHTS

The YACHTS program aims to provide extension opportunities for small groups of students across Years 2-5 in the areas of Mathematics, Literature and Engineering. Students of this age also gain extension through participation in the Tournament of Minds competitions. 

Extension - Year 6-9 PACE

PACE: Pacific Academic Challenge and Enrichment

PACE provides opportunities for talented Middle College students to work with like-minded peers on a range of enrichment activities in Mathematics, Science and Technology, and English and Humanities.