Academic Program

Pacific Lutheran College’s curriculum is designed to support a seamless transition from Prep to Year 12 and life beyond school. To best cater for different rates and styles of learning, students are given the opportunity to engage in a range of activities to achieve particular outcomes. Recognising that learning is most effective where close relationships develop, the College is broken into four subgroups of:

  Foundation College

  Prep to Year 2

  Junior College

  Year 3 to Year 5

  Middle College

  Year 6 to Year 9

  Senior College

  Year 10 to Year 12


Each of the subgroups is supported by a team of teaching and support staff who provide age appropriate experiences that promote the highest standards of learning. These staff members usually work with each student over a number of years and have a particular focus on the needs of those students. Teachers across subgroups plan together to ensure continuity of student experience.

Learning experiences take into account prior learning and are planned around the individual achievement of student outcomes using a variety of approaches. Student attainment of these outcomes is monitored and reported to students and parents regularly. On a developmental basis, students are expected to become increasingly self reliant in their learning.

As well as developing traditional skills, a particular emphasis is placed on the use of information technology as a means to better support learning. Classrooms are designed to allow all students extensive access to information technology resources. Modern architecture supports the flexible use of indoor and outdoor spaces, allowing a personalised and integrated approach to teaching and learning.