Our Staff

Pacific Lutheran College has a very talented team of educators who are passionate about teaching and learning, value the importance of building strong relationships and who support the Christian ethos of the school. Our teachers are widely recognised for their commitment to ongoing professional development and are currently engaged in the implementation of the Teaching For Understanding and Visible Thinking programs from Harvard University.

Pacific’s teachers have also taken on leading roles in education at a national, district and state level:

National Level

  • Lutheran Education Australia Leadership Working Party: Dr Bronwyn Dolling

State Level

  • ISQ Education Committee: Dr Bronwyn Dolling
  • Lutheran Education Queensland Finance Committee: Mr Mike Healy

District Level

  • QCAA District Panel Art: Mrs Denise McMahon
  • QCAA District Panel English: Mrs Tina Cox
  • QCAA District Panel Geography: Mr Brett Jones
  • QCAA District Panel Physics: Mr Jeevan Soorya Dhas
  • QCAA District Panel Japanese: Mrs Joanne Bailey
  • QCAA District Panel Japanese: Ms Melissa Pietrala
  • QCAA District Panel Mathematics C: Mr Jeff Goodwin
  • QCAA District Panel Modern History: Mrs Elley Wood
  • QCAA District Panel Chair for Information, Processing and Technology: Mrs Janine Stone
  • QCAA District Panel Physical Education: Mr Gary Graves 
  • QCAA District Panel Biology: Mrs Gisela Hohls
  • QCAA District Panel Chemistry: Ms Rebecca Ross
  • QCAA District Panel Mathematics B: Mrs Jasmin Stevens