The Lutheran Church of Australia Queensland District is the governing body but delegates local governance to the Pacific Lutheran College Council, which is responsible for the overall management of the College including broad policy setting, our strategic direction and our ethos and wellbeing. The Council ensures that the College operates in accordance with the confessions and practice of the Lutheran Church of Australia.

The Council consists of eight to 10 practising communicant members from the Sunshine Coast South Lutheran Parish, the Pastor(s) and non-voting consultants (Principal and Business Manager). The Lutheran Church of Australia Queensland District Church Council appoints the Council and empowers them to manage the school.

Employees of the school are not eligible for membership.

College Council Members:

  • Mr Philip Thamm (Chair)
  • Mr Mark Altmann (Vice Chair)
  • Mrs Denielle Fowler (Secretary)
  • Mr Kevin Grimley
  • Pr Maurice Richter
  • Mr John Lutze

College Council Consultants:

  • Dr Bronwyn Dolling
  • Mr Ryan Lovell
  • Ms Sue Arahill
  • Mrs Sue Zweck