Friends of Pacific

Connecting College and Community

The Friends of Pacific have an important role in building the Pacific Lutheran College community. Strong association with this group builds a greater sense of belonging for all members of the family.

A representative group of parents is elected and known as the Friends of Pacific Executive Committee that meets with the Principal and College Council representative on a monthly basis. While not a formal decision making body, the Executive Committee provides an avenue for dialogue on issues as they arise. The Chairperson also has the task of directing, motivating and coordinating the various major sub-committees of the Friends of Pacific. General meetings of the Friends of Pacific occur at least twice a term and are advertised in the College calendar.

All parents of Pacific are strongly encouraged to become involved in the association and to support the Friends of Pacific fundraisers.



The Friends of Pacific Executive for 2024:

  • Chairperson – Jan Watman
  • Vice-Chairperson – Jane Hill
  • Secretary – Laura O'Neal
  • Treasurer – Louise Walker
  • Executive Committee Members
    • Foundation – Victoria Campbell
    • Junior – Jessica Chung
    • Middle – Elisha Bray and Renea Costa
    • Senior - Jenny Lee
    • Alumni - Allyson Sarvari

Please direct all enquiries to


Volunteering at Pacific

Volunteering has many benefits. You can make new friends, learn something new, and contribute to the community and your kids love to see you helping around the College. If you have ever thought about volunteering or becoming a part of Friends of Pacific, now is the time. There are so many exciting events on the 2024 calendar and the more people who are available to volunteer and support these events will ensure their success.

Hosting events is only possible thanks to the efforts of those in our College community who give so generously of their time.  If you are interested in volunteering with the College at any time throughout the year, please complete the below simple training.

Work through the Volunteer Handbook, complete an electronic form, and upload relevant documentation. The Volunteer Handbook is accessible via the parent portal in Nav - Nav Community Links.



Friends of Pacific (FoP) run and support various events throughout the year These events have seen outstanding success due to the support and hard work of parents, teachers, students and the wider community including the College Council and St Mark’s Lutheran Church.