International Women’s Day 2017 – Defence Force Leadership High Tea

International Women’s Day 2017 – Defence Force Leadership High Tea

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‘Strike a pose’ was given renewed meaning as Intelligence Officer Lieutenant Kelsee Ravell referred to Amy Cuddy’s TED Talk on ‘Body Language Shaping Who You Are’ and using the ‘Power Pose’ to increase confidence prior to interviews or when facing other life challenges.

At the Leadership High Tea celebrating International Women’s Day, Lieutenant Ravell, who studied a dual Arts/Science degree at UQ before entering the Defence Forces, went on to expose just how many women suffer self-doubt or undersell themselves and hold themselves back as a result. With the World Economic Forum reporting gender equality and equal pay in the workplace being predicted to take another 170 years to eventuate based on current trends, Lieutenant Ravell urged young women to “establish your own personal identity by challenging yourselves to become your most confident self”. She went on to encourage young women to play a role towards Gender Equality stating, “you have something unique to offer and to add to our nation so don’t let your mind hold you back”.

Major Rebecca Conway stressed the importance of being accountable and responsible for all of your actions and to celebrate yourself and others. “Don’t judge but celebrate other women,” Major Conway urged. A key message from Submariner Leading Seaman Olivia Brown was to celebrate diversity within women and to “find a strong female role model or be that person to others”. She reiterated this year’s International Women’s Day theme: Be bold for change.

“I thoroughly enjoyed the high tea hosted by the Australian Defence Force. They gave insight into the lives of women in the Defence Forces, shining light on the equality now evident between genders. The guest speakers, one from the Air Force, Navy, and Army, spoke of the challenges they had personally faced and overcome, as well as challenges for women in general. It was not at all what I expected. These women lived normal lives and had so many highlights to their experience in the Defence Force that most had been in it for at least 15 years. The sheer strength of these women was inspiring and gave me a widened perspective on International Women’s Day, making me think of all the strong women I know and all of those I wish to be like.” – Georgia Woods, Year 12 Student