Subzero Science

Subzero Science

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It has been a chilly week in Science, whilst outside temperatures soared. Year 1 and Year 8 students have enjoyed watching chemistry in action with a range of valuable learning activities involving frozen carbon dioxide, otherwise known as dry ice. Dry ice is particularly useful for freezing things due to its low freezing temperature of -78.5 degrees Celsius. This amazing solid sublimates, or 'melts', directly from a solid to a gas, making it safe for handling in the gaseous state. From smoking water, to crystal ball bubbles and vortexes, the deep learning opportunities provided to consolidate students’ Chemistry work has been enhanced by this fun and mesmerising group of activities.



Thank you to Mr Josh Danzey, Mrs Claire Richards and Mrs Gisela Hohls for providing this invaluable learning opportunity for our Year 1 and Year 8 students.

Miss Rebecca Ross, Head of Science