Certificate III in Basic Health Care – Work Placements

Certificate III in Basic Health Care – Work Placements

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Over the recent school holidays, work placements commenced for the Year 12 students who are undertaking a Certificate III Basic Health Care through the College. We are very fortunate to have the support of several Sunshine Coast medical facilities to assist the students with their placements.

Below is a report from one of our students, Gemma Whitelaw. As you will read, her four days at Caloundra Skin Cancer Clinic made a huge impact on her life and consolidated her learnings from the course so far.

“Over the Easter Holidays I was given the opportunity to do a work placement at Caloundra Skin Cancer Clinic under the supervision of nurse Sherry Doodson and Doctor Alex Morgan. A week before my placement, Dr McMahon took me to the clinic to meet Sherry and Alex and have a quick tour of the facilities. Sherry and Alex’s lively and humorous attitudes definitely eased my nerves and made me very excited for the placement.

The first two days involved a lot of observing. Knowing very little about skin cancer, it was great that both Sherry and Alex were happy to give me as much information as possible and were able to answer any questions I had. I was able to watch multiple skin cancer removal procedures with Alex explaining each step of the procedure. I watched on as Sherry carried out many suture removals and dressings. Sherry showed me how they sanitise the equipment used for procedures and the different types of dressings used.

By the third and fourth days, I was able to put my knowledge to the test! I helped Sherry with dressings, sanitising the patient bed after each use and setting up and cleaning the theatre room before and after each procedure. In between patients and sanitising equipment and beds I was able to record plenty of notes about the procedures I witnessed and document the information I was given from Alex and Sherry, which I can’t wait to share with the rest of my health class.

A big thank you to Sherry, Alex and everyone at Caloundra Skin Cancer Clinic. The Clinic’s lively atmosphere made the experience so enjoyable and I am so thankful for their supervision over the four days. I also can’t thank Dr McMahon enough for offering this experience to me and helping me with all the preparation leading up to it. I got lots out of the placement and it was great to put everything I have learnt from the past year and half in Health at Pacific Lutheran College towards real life situations.” – Gemma Whitelaw

Dr Peter McMahon, Certificate III in Basic Health Care Teacher