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Helping Girls Develop Positive Self-Image

In a culture saturated with digitally altered images of impossibly thin women, raising girls with high self-esteem can be daunting. But as parents you have great influence, both by what you say and...
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Harmony Day - Monday 21st March

Harmony Day is celebrated around Australia on 21 st March each year. It's a day where all Australians celebrate our cultural diversity and gives people the opportunity to celebrate what makes each...
Junior College

10 Mindsets to Improve Your Parenting

The best intentions may not be enough to raise happy kids. Here are 10 mindsets to help you on the path to parenting success:
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Year 7 Leaders

Congratulations to our new Year 7 leaders, as follows: Bula Cambell Gigney, Olivia Gartrell, Elijah Modlin and Zoe Clewett. Mumba Alessandro Papallo, Tegan Graves, Joshua Stevenson and Holly Hurd...
From the Director of Students

Congratulations Lachlan McKay

Among 37 Best Year 12 Students in 2015 We congratulate Lachlan McKay, 2015 College Captain, who was recognised as one of Queensland’s top performing Year 12 students at the Queensland Certificate of...
From the Principal

Year 11 Biology Field Trip

For all the parents who were told by their Year 11 students that the biology excursion was just ‘good’, this is for you. To start the two-day excursion, we headed up to a boardwalk through the...
Secondary College

Enthuse 2016

During the last week of the school holidays, we College Captains embarked on an experience that awakened us to our own inner-workings and taught us how to control our leadership, emotions and...
From the College Captains

Global Goals for Sustainable Development

At a United Nations summit in September last year, world leaders committed to 17 Global Goals for Sustainable Development, to be achieved by 2030. Seventeen goals to achieve three extraordinary...
From the Head of Staff and Students P-5

Wild About Year 3

This week, Year 3 students had the great pleasure of participating in the Geckoes Wildlife hands-on experience, delivered by the unflappable Kirstan. The students were given the opportunity to touch...
Junior College

Senior Drama Production - To Kill A Mockingbird

An inspired cast of 34 students are already in rehearsals for this year’s Senior Drama Production of ‘To Kill A Mockingbird’. The play is based on the classic and iconic Pulitzer prize-winning novel...
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