Compass No 718 - April 2024

From the Principal

Living with and Inspiring Hope

When we live with a deep sense of hope, there is a strong sense of possibility. We are better placed to respond well to the rhythms of life. We can be grateful for those things and times that go well and respond more positively to challenges. When we live with hope, we are able to take a longer view and focus on those things that matter and where we can have influence. Hope is not necessarily tied to personal circumstances. Many of us will be aware of people who despite facing very challenging situations generate and inspire hope.

Where does this hope come from? The Easter message is one of sure hope that comes through Jesus' death and resurrection. When we look to the cross we are reminded of God’s love and grace, and the hope that this brings into our lives. Our College logo, which has the cross at the centre and the light of hope shining strongly behind it, stands as a strong reminder for us as individuals and as community that God is always for us and with us. Empowered by His love and grace we can live and inspire hope filled lives.

Principal's Log

Welcome to the start of Term 2 and particularly to new students and staff. It is always exciting to reconnect with people as we come together as community. With God at our centre, we have the privilege of growing together in a hope filled way as we grow through the successes and challenges of life.

Learning to embrace challenges as opportunities for learning and growth is an important mindset to possess. It is helpful to remember that learning occurs best at the point of challenge. From an academic perspective, having the opportunity to “grapple with ideas, sought through ambiguities and deal with complexity”, enables neural pathways to be built as “deep learning” and “rich understanding” occur. Research shows that these are the qualities required for “long-term retention and robust transfer”. It is the productive struggle that fosters deep learning and engagement. “Simplification often removes the very struggle” required to grow the brain and hence capacity. (, sighted 18th April 2024). We need to promote, embrace, encourage and celebrate productive struggle as a rich and critical point of purposeful learning.

We congratulate our Armidale Rugby teams who represented the College at the Armidale Rugby Competition. The U12 boys, U 14 girls and U 16 girls acquitted themselves very well and were well supported by parents. We thank Mr Josh Cummins, Mr Darren Hooper, Ms Leigh Finter, Miss Georgie Snelling and Mr Scott Crompton for their leadership and parents for their support.

We also congratulate Lily Costa and Kyle Huxley, who have been selected to represent Queensland at the National Swimming Championships in July. We wish Lily all the best as she competes in the 11 Girls 200m Individual Medley, 100m and 50m Freestyle events, and Kyle as he competes in the 11 Boys 100m Butterfly.

Thank you to staff, students and parents who made the most of the opportunity to enhance learning through engagement in the Years 6-9 Parent, Teacher, Student Conferences this week. These conferences provided an important opportunity for students to grow in their agency and efficacy as they engaged in improvement focused conversations.

We look forward to coming together as community for the Year 3-12 Cross Country, K-12 Open Day and Anzac Day commemoration services and March over the coming week. Details about these are contained later in the newsletter.

Families who use Meridan Way as an access to the College are strongly encouraged to read advice about the planned closure of pedestrian and bike pathways during May as works occur in the area. This advice is enclosed later in the newsletter.

As we start a new term together, we pray for all staff, students and their families that they experience strong growth and connection. We pray that God would inspire hope and provide for the needs of people throughout our community and the world. We pray that our common humanity is celebrated and protected.

Dr Bronwyn Dolling, Principal

College News

Open Day, Sunday 21st April

We will be holding our Open Day on Sunday 21st April 2024 from 12.30pm to 3.30pm.

Our Open Day provides a great opportunity for current and new families to interact with staff and students and to learn about the next phase of your child’s learning journey.

Pacific families are encouraged to take advantage of the opportunity to connect as community and to invite friends who may wish to learn more about the College.

From interactive classroom demonstrations to student guided campus tours, Open Day provides a glimpse into the College's dynamic learning environment. New families who wish to learn more about the College can register by visiting our website and following the Open Day registration process.

We look forward to seeing you all this Sunday at our Open Day.


Aura Wastewater Project – Impact to Meridan Sports Field Internal Access Road

Two Day Closure: Early – Mid May - Exact date will be on the visual message sign (VMS) at the Meridan Sports Fields closer to the time.

Unitywater, together with McConnell Dowell, is working to provide essential water and wastewater services for the growing Sunshine Coast region. This involves work on the Aura Wastewater Pump Station and the installation of 12.5km of pipeline to transfer wastewater to the Kawana Wastewater Treatment Plant, which impacts Meridan Way. Please visit Unity Water and works notification for further detail on the Aura Wastewater Project.

To ensure the safety of pedestrians in and around the Meridan Sports field Internal Access Road, Unitywater will close roads whilst construction takes place.

What to expect:

  • Changed traffic and pedestrian conditions on Meridan Way – FOOTPATH WILL BE CLOSED.
  • Construction noise from 6am until 7.30pm during works.
  • FULL ROAD CLOSURE of Meridan Sports Field Internal Access Road for two days from 10am on the first day until 7.30pm on the second day of works.

How will this impact travel to and from College?

  • The FOOTPATH on MERIDAN WAY will be CLOSED for up to 3 days whilst works take place. Alternative travel arrangements are to be arranged for students who would usually travel to and from College along Meridan Way, by foot, bike etc.
  • If you currently use the Meridan Sports Fields internal access road, this will be closed from 10am until 7:30pm on the second day. This will remain closed overnight.
  • Please look out for signage along the footpath notifying of the closure dates and changed foot and vehicle traffic conditions.
  • Please allow extra time for your journey to and from College and expect delays when the changed traffic conditions, including a lane closure, are in place.

When will works take place?

  • Unitywater have advised that work will be expected to occur in early – mid May.
  • The exact date will be presented on a video messaging board at the Meridan Sports Fields internal access road.
  • Pedestrian signage will be displayed in advance regarding these works, with exact dates displayed once known.
  • Please note: the dates of these works will be dependent on weather, ground conditions and progress of our work crews through the area and therefore may change. The VMS and pedestrian signage will be updated should there any changes.

College Administration Team

School Photo Day - Tuesday 21st May 2024

Please place your order online before Tuesday 21st May. Go to and enter the code B7H 8V9 RRH

Payment can be made using Visa, Mastercard or PayPal. If you are unable to order online, please hand your completed order envelope directly to the photographers on Tuesday 21st May.

If you have any queries concerning school photographs and ordering, please contact advancedlife directly:

School photography information:

  • Online orders - do not require an envelope returned to your school.
  • Sibling Photos – Do not forget to pre-order your sibling photos online up to 24 hours before photo day. advancedlife provides Pacific with a list of sibling orders right up to the day of photography, so no one misses out. If you miss the online order deadline, you can submit a completed sibling order envelope first thing in the morning of the day of photography, so we are aware you want the photo taken and can bring your children together in time for it. Sibling photographs only apply to children enrolled at Pacific.
  • Late fees – A late fee will be applied to each package purchased after photo day due to the additional cost of producing these packages separately.
  • Package delivery - School photographs will be returned approximately 6 weeks after the day of photography. Please note this delivery timeframe is dependent on proofing.
  • Previous Years’ photos - Past years’ photographs are also available to order under the “previous years or group photo” tabs at the advancedorder site when you click on the “Order School Photos Here” button above. You can also order past packages, portrait images and gifts from your child’s unique, individual and secure advancedyou image archive site using the unique 9-digit image code found on packages you have ordered in the past.

College Administration Team

Senior Drama Production 2024

‘SENSE and SENSIBILITY’ – Jane Austen Re-Wired!




Mrs Janine Delaney, Director

Uniform Shop

The weather may not be cold just yet, but Winter is coming. The Uniform Shop stocks all the College’s Winter Uniform requirements.

Years 10 - 12 students are required to wear the Formal Blazer during Winter. Male students are required to be dressed in trousers and tie. A trouser and blouse option is available for female students if they prefer to wear pants. Microfibre tights are also available at the Uniform Shop which are an option for female students to wear in addition to the College dress.

Years 6 – 9 male students are also required to wear the College tie when the winter uniform begins.

Junior College students can purchase the College V-neck knitted jumper to wear with their Formal Uniform. Trousers are available for male and female students as well as ribbed tights for girls to wear with the College dress. Sports jackets and tracksuit pants are available to purchase to wear with the sports uniform only.

Sports jackets and tracksuit pants are available to purchase for those students in Prep. The tracksuit jacket and pants can be worn with the sports uniform from Prep to Year 12.

Please see the College Uniform Guide here for more information.

If you have any questions regarding the Winter Uniform requirements, please contact Peta King at the Uniform Shop.

The Uniform opening hours are -

  • Monday – Thursday 8.00am – 10.30am
  • Tuesday Afternoon from 2.00pm – 4.00pm

Please contact the College’s Main Reception on 5436 7300 to make an appointment.

Flexischools orders are also available for your Uniform needs. These orders are completed Monday - Thursday and delivered to the students’ classrooms in the Foundation and Junior College and to the PCG pigeonholes in the Wellbeing Centre for Middle and Senior College students. Please ensure ordered uniforms are collected promptly to ensure that they do not go missing.

Mrs Peta King, Uniform Convenor

From the Director of Students

Term 2 is about Community Connection and Growing Servant Leadership

Students, staff and families are encouraged to embrace our commitment to community engagement through its various events and opportunities occurring early this Term – Year 3-12 Cross Country Carnivals on Friday 19th April, the 2024 PLC Open Day on Sunday 21st April, Year 11 Leadership Day on Wednesday 24th April and next week’s ANZAC Day March on Thursday 25th April. For our students, the start of Term 2 provides many opportunities to serve, connect and lead.

There is ample research that supports the idea that engaging in leadership, serving others and connecting with community grows a sense of purpose and belonging. Australia Education Research Organisation (AERO, 2024) affirms that “a positive sense of belonging at school has fundamental benefits for children and young people and flow-on benefits for their learning and engagement with school”.

Years 3-12 Cross Country Carnival

Tomorrow, we celebrate our Years 3-12 students as they compete with energy and spirit in the 2024 Cross Country Carnival. The Years 3-6 Cross Country event will commence at 10:45am and the Years 7-12 will commence at 1:30pm. The display of encouragement, camaraderie and House spirit at Interhouse Sports Carnivals is always a highlight of a strong community connection which provides students with a great sense of belonging. All the best to all students and House groups.

Year 11 Leadership Day, Wednesday 24th April - Empowering the leaders of 2025

Year 11 students will participate in a transformative Leadership Day experience on Wednesday 24th April aimed at honing their leadership skills, fostering teamwork, and inspiring positive change within the College and broader community. Through workshops, team-building activities, facilitated by Pacific Alumni and Lutheran Youth Queensland staff, students will be equipped with the tools and confidence to make a meaningful impact in their roles as student leaders.

ANZAC Day March, Thursday 25th April

Pacific Lutheran College respectfully participates in the ANZAC Day March each year. Students, staff and parents march to honour and remember the millions of brave men and women who served and continue to serve. We reflect as we march to the Caloundra RSL on the sacrifices so many brave men and women.

Students, staff, and families will come together to pay tribute to our nation's heroes and reflect on the values of courage, sacrifice, and mateship that unite us as a community. Prep – Year 12 students and their families have received communication and consent forms through the Parent Lounge which will need to be completed for students to attend and participate in the ANZAC Day March.         

There are many opportunities for students to be involved in this term. Opportunities to enrich their learning experience, grow their sense of responsibility, show empathy, and to connect with their peers, College and wider community.

Ms Leigh Finter, Director of Students

From the Head of Staff and Students P-5

What does it mean to achieve?

Recently, I listened to Ben Crowe speak of the difference between a goal and a purpose. Ben Crowe is a mindset coach who has worked across many layers of industry primarily in and with elite sports. He has been a mindset guide for many champions including Ash Barty. 

His opinion is that quite often we confuse what is typically a goal with our purpose. He would argue that a goal is achievable and something that may one day be conquered. This varies from our purpose, which, needs continual attention and refocusing. For example, a goal for a student may be to achieve an academic award. A purpose may be to focus on building their intellectual capacity for the benefit of others. He was clear to point out that while we may more often fail to achieve our goals, we can continue to remain focussed on our purpose. 

However, his overwhelming opinion, was that it is through the experiences of “losing” that we grow and incrementally, failure is a far greater teacher than success. When faced with a challenge, we can throw ourselves on the ground, or we can throw ourselves into refocusing on what our purpose is. 

Our overarching focus for this term in You Can Do It is achievement, particularly the valuing of individual differences and celebrating the unique set of skills that each of us contributes to the College. In Pacific Way, we will investigate the “we” component and how we collaborate and work toward our own expectations of achievement. Like all pursuits worth doing, accomplishment takes time. They are a continual work in progress and require persistence, resilience, and energy from all sides to meet goals.

When we fail to meet the goals and expectations that we expect for ourselves and falter, we learn valuable lessons about ourselves and each other. A favourite quote of mine is from Ash Barty that summed this thinking up “I never lost, I learnt.” Forgiveness and reflection are crucial in rebuilding our expectations when we falter. Our achievements must be tempered by understanding that our successes don’t define us and that all of us are uniquely worthy. 

In the past, I have listened to industry leaders speak about how best to prepare students for life beyond school; their primary focus tends to be on attributes rather than specific skill sets. They want people who can collaborate productively, problem-solve effectively, and importantly think creatively. Separating our triumphs from our worth is essential and what our pastoral care program here at Pacific, seeks to achieve.

Open Day Leaders

With our annual Open Day on Sunday, I would like to thank the many Year 5 students who have volunteered their time to lead tours of the College with new families. Service to others is a priority of the College and it speaks to the quality of our Year 5 leaders in that many students have volunteered to lead these tours and speak of the exciting opportunities that exist. 


Next Wednesday morning, our Junior College will gather to commemorate the sacrifices provided by our servicemen and women through the years and in an ongoing capacity in situations around the globe.

As the number of veterans dwindles it is important for young people to not only remember the sacrifices of the past but to accept the responsibility for continuing this legacy of remembrance into the future.

Thank you to the many families that plan to attend the ANZAC March in Caloundra on Thursday. We look forward to all Prep students attending for the first time to begin a tradition that will hopefully continue to grow through their time in the College. 

Take care and God bless.

Mr. Damian Davis, Head of Staff and Students P-5

From the Head of Career Development

Careers News

Year 11 and 12 Student and Parent Invitation - Student Accomodation Exposition

Heading to Brisbane to study? Year 11 and 12 students and their parents/guardians are invited to Student Accomodation Expo, an event to explore University accomodation options.

Exhibitors include: UQ and UQ Residential, QUT, King’s College, Emmanuel College, St John’s College, International House, St Leo’s, Women’s College, Cromwell College, Duchesne College, Iglu Student Accommodation, Student One and, Grace College

Date: Tuesday 30th April

Time: 4.30pm - 6.30pm

Location: St  Andrew’s Anglican College, Learning Hub, 40 Peregian Springs Drive, Peregian Springs

Please note, registration is required to attend. Scan the QR code to register.


Year 11 and 12 Students - Australian Army Band Work Experience Program at Gallipoli Barracks, Enoggera 3rd – 9th July 2024  

The program will run for 5 days, Wednesday 3rd July to Tuesday 9th July 2024 (excluding Saturday and Sunday). This work experience activity provides students who have an interest in instrumental music an introduction to the Australian Army Band Brisbane, located at Gallipoli Barracks.

The Australian Army Band Brisbane provides musical support to Regal, Vice-Regal, State and ceremonial activities and often appears at significant community events.  Since its formation in 1949, the Australian Army Band Brisbane has enjoyed a reputation throughout Queensland for its musical and ceremonial excellence. Brisbane’s Army Band supports the Australian Army and Australian Defence Force units throughout South East Queensland. The Band regularly supports commemorative activities such as Anzac Day and also performs for the wider community, appearing at public events, major concerts, balls and charity fundraisers. Band members have deployed both domestically and internationally on operations.

The Band is a traditional big-band line up of saxophones, trumpets, trombones and rhythm section, with vocalists. It’s repertoire ranges from traditional sounds of the big band era, through to arrangements of contemporary rock and pop hits.

To be eligible you must be studying music performance and/or music education on your own instrument, playing at an advanced level a big band instrument (trumpet, trombone, saxophone, and rhythm section instruments, including electric bass/double bass or voice (minimum AMEB Level 6/7). This program is not open to orchestral wind or string instruments.

Interested music students can apply via the DWEP website, Australian Army Band Brisbane: Gallipoli Barracks 

Job Ref - WEP/02018/24 by Sunday 19th May 2024.


InspireU One-Day Kickstart Program

The InspireU One-Day Kickstart Program, (Monday 3rd July 2024 is for Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander students (Years 7 – 9).  It is perfect for the students who are planning to attend university and would like the opportunity to explore what options are available to them and to build their knowledge about university. 

Students are given an opportunity to attend engaging hands-on sessions to understand what the University of Queensland has to offer, explore UQ’s campus, facilities and services, connect with current Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander university students and meet not only UQ staff but also fellow high school students.

Applications Close: Saturday 11th May 2024.

If you are interested, please apply online via our link      

Mrs Veronica Sanmarco, Head of Career Development

Friends of Pacific

Connecting College and Community

Friday Coffee and Chat – 19th April 8.00-8.20am at Coral Café

Got a spare 10 minutes? Come for a coffee!

If you would like to hear more about Friends of Pacific and what is involved in volunteering, we will have a couple of members at the Coral Café having a coffee so would love you to drop by and say Hi!

Friends of Pacific Monthly Meeting

Date:              Tuesday 23rd April

Time               Nibbles from 6.00pm and Meeting starts 6.30pm

Location          Library

Calling for Volunteers for Pacific Open Day BBQ – 21st April from 11.00am – 4.00pm

Friends of Pacific would like to invite those who have successfully completed the volunteer registration process to support our Open Day BBQ.

Volunteers can help set up the BBQ, cook the sausages, and serve the parents and students as they visit the school. These days are an excellent opportunity for fellowship between volunteers and a rewarding way to support our PLC community.

If you are interested, please register on the link below and the team will be in touch to provide further details.

Registration Link:

Volunteering at Pacific

This year, the College is streamlining the induction process by using a flexible delivery platform where volunteers work through the Volunteer Handbook, complete an electronic form, and upload relevant documentation. The Volunteer Handbook is accessible via the parent portal in Nav - Nav Community Links.

Volunteering has many benefits. You can make new friends, learn something new, and contribute to the community and your kids love to see you helping around the College. If you have ever thought about volunteering or becoming a part of Friends of Pacific, now is the time. There are so many exciting events on the 2024 calendar and the more people who are available to volunteer and support these events will ensure their success.

Hosting events is only possible thanks to the efforts of those in our College community who give so generously of their time. 

Click here to follow our Friends of Pacific Facebook page

Ms Jan Watman, Friends of Pacific Chairperson

Sport News

Rugby Armidale Tour

Rugby Armidale Tour

On the final weekend of the holidays, a group of 38 rugby players represented Pacific at the Armidale Rugby Competition hosted at The Armidale School (TAS). This year we hosted the largest contingent of students who played competitively across all the fixtures throughout the days on Saturday and Sunday. Pacific entered teams in the U12 Boys 15-a-side, U14 Girls 7’s and U16 Girls 7’s. I’d like to acknowledge how well all our players represented the College over the weekend, showing exemplary sportsmanship and behaviour on and off the field.

Our U12 boys faced some tough competition in their division, winning one of their matches and showing strong character in their remaining fixtures. Our U14 girls placed third in their pool, progressing to the Division 3 Grand Final, where they narrowly went down to TAS in the dying seconds of the game in front of a large home crowd.

Our U16 girls showed excellent resilience across the competition, where they continued to play all their games with no reserves, drawing one of their finals and narrowly going down by a single try to Grammar in their other final.

I would like to thank all the parents who strongly supported Pacific students by their commitment to travel to Armidale and their attendance at each game across the 2 day carnival. I would also like to thank the staff for their support and assistance across the competition, Mr Darren Hooper, Ms Leigh Finter, Miss Georgie Snelling and Mr Scott Crompton.

Mr Josh Cummins, Head of House – Wra

Years 7 - 12 Sport

Years 7-12 Inter-House Cross Country

There is one more sleep until our students hit the grass and pavement to compete in the Inter-House Cross Country! This carnival is a compulsory event for students and is both a House Championship event and a District Team Trial. The top 6 runners from each gender and age group will be selected to represent Pacific at the District Trials held on the 30th April. When selecting the team please note that, 12 year old runners in Year 7 will have their times compared to 12 year old runners in the Year 6.

Please see further about the event below:

Date:              Friday 19th April

Time:             1:30pm

Venue:           College Main Oval

Uniform:         House sports uniform and hat

Hats are required to be worn whilst cheering but are not required when running

Students must also wear suitable running shoes and not bare feet

Required: Water bottle, spare uniform and shoes to change into after if conditions are wet


*Please note that times are a guide only and races may be run earlier/later, depending on circumstances.         

1.00       Lunch

1.30       Gather on PLC Main Oval at House Tents ready for start of Cross-Country event

1.45       12/13 Boys and Girls Race (3km)

2.00      14/15 Boys and Girls Race (4km)

2.15        16/Opens Boys and Girls Race (4km)

2.55       House/Age Presentations

3.10      PCG Roll Marking and Departure


SCISSA Soccer and Volleyball

All SCISSA fixtures will begin next week on Wednesday 24th April. The draws will be finalised by the weekend and fixture information will be updated on students PLC NAV Calendar. If students are unable to see their fixtures, please contact me at

We will be finalising teams over the course of this week with all trials completed by Thursday18th April.

Players will be given their playing shirts prior to their first game by their coaches. Playing shirts are required to be worn to each game and returned at the end of the season.

It is important that students provide their coaches or myself if they are not able to make a week. Commitment is one of our focus areas this year in sport. We appreciate that other commitments can arise at times and ask that in these circumstances, absences are notified as early as possible. Thank you to those students and parents who are already doing this.

Trish Buckley Volleyball

Our Year 9 Boys and Girls Teams have their first round of games next Friday. This Terms competition runs on Friday evenings at Caloundra Indoor Centre on the 26th April, 10th May, 17th May and 24th May. As we have many students interested in participating, we need will be holding a final trial at lunch time on Monday 22nd April. Teams will be confirmed at this time and information will be sent home regarding fixtures. Students and parents are encouraged to keep an eye on their emails and NAV Calendars for any updates to the draw. We wish our teams all the best next week.

Rugby Union

Last night marked the opening round of our 15-a-side boys Sunshine Coast Sporting Schools Competition. We had both our U13’s and U15’s boys compete against St Johns at Nambour Rugby Union Club. The U13’s started their season off against a tough opponent, the boys continued to improve throughout the game but unfortunately went down against a strong attacking side. Our U15’s started the season strong, competing with an excellent defensive effort and some strong attacking sets, defeating St John’s 31-7. I look forward to a solid season of growth and development of all our teams.

Student Acknowledgements

Well done to the students listed below for their outstanding achievements in sport:

  • Congratulations to Sarah Huxley who competed at the State Swimming Titles and came 18th in 50m freestyle and 2nd in 200m free relay.
  • Congratulations to Abby Novosel for her strong performances at the very recent Australian Surf Lifesaving Championships. Abby received 6 medals from the 8 events she took part in -
    • Gold- U13/14 Board Rescue
    • Gold - U13/14 Surf Teams
    • Gold - U13/14 Board Relay
    • Silver - U13/14 Cameron Race
    • Bronze - U14 Board Race
    • Bronze - U14 Champion Lifesaver 

A quick reminder for parents and students to please let us know of any outstanding achievements from students throughout the year so we can share with the community.

Mr Cameron West-McInnes, Head of Sport

Junior Sport

3-6 Interhouse Cross Country

A reminder that the 306 Inter-house Cross ‘country Carnival is tomorrow from 10:45 – 1:00opm. Students will assemble on the main oval with the start and finish also on the main oval this year. Details for tomorrow as follows:

Date:              Friday 19th April 2024.

Time:             10:45am.

Venue:           Pacific Lutheran College and Meridan Plains Sports Fields.

Uniform:         House sports uniform and hat. Hats are required to be worn whilst cheering but are not required when running. Students must also wear suitable running shoes and not bare feet.

Required:       Water bottle, spare shoes / uniform to change into after event if conditions are wet.

There is a chance of showers on the day with the course having a high potential to be muddy. I would encourage students to wear old runners and bring a plastic bag, towel and a spare sports uniform to change in to after the race. Spectators are welcome to come along and support at the carnival.


1km, 2km & 3km Course Maps with Checkpoints

Student Success

Well done to both Lily Costa and Kyle Huxley who have both been selected to represent Queensland at the National Swimming Championships to be held in July on the Gold Coast.

Lily qualified to swim in the 11 Girls 200m Individual Medley, 100m Freestyle and 50m Freestyle.

Whilst Kyle qualified for the 11 Boys 100m Butterfly.

Good luck to both Lily and Kyle as they continue to train for these upcoming championships.

Mr Darren Hooper, Head of Junior Sport P-6

Club Sport

Club Sport

Pacific Lutheran College has several sports development programs outside of school hours. These programs encourage participation, giving students the opportunity to be part of a team, and learn basic skills of the game.

The parent-led Pacific FC Soccer and PLC Netball Clubs compete on Saturdays in community competitions throughout the Sunshine Coast.

PLC Netball Club

Welcome back from Easter break – we hope everyone had a blessed Easter holiday filled with happiness, love, and faith.  This Saturday 20th April is our first game of the normal netball season. Details for the first two weeks of games are now available on NetballConnect – please have a chat with your team manager if you have any questions about accessing and navigating NetballConnect.

Game times for 20th April:





































The Nissan Senior State Age netball competition was held over the Easter holidays.  There were 13 PLC Netball Club players that participated in this competition, representing both Caloundra and Sunshine Coast Netball Associations.  Over these four days teams played between 14 and 17 games of netball at the highest intensity for each age group.  Congratulations to all PLC players:

  • U18: Brooke W, Jessica W, Ava S, Mia H and Kate W
  • U16: Evie R
  • U15: Millie P, Maliah A, Kayla S, Charlotte J, Paiten B, Ameilia P and Holly T

Active children need constant refuelling and hydrating.  Here are pre-exercise food ideas:

1.5 – 3 hours before

30 minutes before

  • ½ - 1 sandwich
  • Banana or apple
  • Fruit salad
  • Dried fruit
  • Cereal or porridge
  • Sports drink
  • Granola bar
  • Energy gel/chew
  • Pasta or rice meal
  • orange


For more detailed information on fuelling active kids, visit the Sports Dietitians Australia website at

Please contact your Team coach or Manager if someone is unable to attend training or the game. Please also ensure they have your correct contact details (email and mobile phone number)

Good luck to all teams for this weekend!!

Don’t forget to follow us on social media – Facebook and Instagram.

Your PLC Netball Club Committee

President – Donna Watkins |

Secretary – Peta King |

Registrar – Karen Costa  |

FacebookPLC Netball Club
Instagram: PLC Netball Club

Mrs Donna Watkins, PLC Netball Club President

Pacific FC

Round 5 kicks off this Saturday with games being played across the Sunshine Coast. The Junior Draw (U6-U16/17) for the whole season is now available on the SCCSA website. Click here for the Draw

We are next back at PLC on Saturday, 11th May.


Some competitive games may not be at PLC on Home Game dates.

Pacific will also host games on Saturday, 17th August for the End of Season U6-U10 Rooball Carnival. The draw is not yet complete for that date.

No SCCSA Club Games:

  • Saturday 4th May (due to State Titles)
  • Saturday 29th June and Saturday 6th July (School Holidays)


Mini Rep Carnival

Over the holiday break, our representative players took part in a mini SCCSA Rep Tournament at Bli Bli. Chase M from our Pacific Marlins was part of the U13 South team, who won both of their games against U13 North and U14 South.

Contact: The Registrar
Facebook: Pacific Soccer FC 

Mrs Rita Williams, Pacific FC President

St Mark’s Lutheran Church

Worship @ St Mark's

Sharing a common mission and ministry with Pacific Lutheran College

“Growing in faith and sharing God’s love with others”

Weekly worship services are held at 14 Bombala Terrace Caloundra at 9.00am. We are thankful that we can meet together each week for worship. As we do this, there are still physical distancing, and hygiene requirements we need to follow to ensure the health and safety of everyone in our community.

Our worship services are intergenerational with a blend of traditional and contemporary.

You’re welcome to follow us on Facebook and visit our Church webpage.

All are welcome at any of our services.

Pastor Ray Morris, St Mark’s Lutheran Church (0429 856 532 or

Upcoming Dates


19      Years 3-12 Cross Country Carnival

21      PLC Open Day

23      Friends of Pacific Meeting

24      Year 7-12 SCISSA Sports Commences

24      Year 11 Leadership Day

25      ANZAC Day

30      9-19yrs District Cross Country


6        Labour Day

7        Trimester 2 Commences

7        Friends of Pacific Mather’s Day Stall

14      Years 3-6 Athletics Carnival

14      Year 9 Leadership Day

15-18  Senior Drama Production – Sense and Sensibility

15-17  Year 4 Camp