Year 9 Information Technology

Year 9 Information Technology

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As an introductory activity in the Year 9 IT elective, students are introduced to advanced Adobe Photoshop skills through a series of guided tutorials. For assessment, the students develop a folio of pieces. This year we introduced a new item to the folio which asked the student to compose a piece of work in Photoshop, using the skills they had learned, that spoke about them as individuals.

We have had some amazing pieces of work submitted and have framed and displayed samples on the wall in the IT Lab.

It is always amazing when students are given opportunities to present themselves in creative ways. The artwork we have seen has meant this will be a feature of year nine in the future.

Below are some samples of compositions submitted.

Stella Geelhoed

In this task, I used two facts about myself. One being that my favourite animal is a ferret and I can ski, I love the mountains.

I tried to use all the techniques in my image, especially the face where I made the image pop.

Jayden Fioraso

In the picture I created I used an image that looked something like me. I was going to Photoshop my face into the image but it was difficult to get the angles correct.

I changed the image to black and white and used an image of a aircraft in the sunglass reflection. I am aiming to go to ADFA when I leave school to become a pilot.


Mitch Pyke

The Norwegian Blue Parrot

This composition was made from a Monty Python sketch that I really enjoyed. In the sketch, a person buys a parrot which is dead but the salesman insists that it is alive but pining for the fjords of Norway. My composition puts the parrot into the fjords.


Blake Kopscicas-Moore

The Gold Coast

I really enjoy going to the Gold Coast so this became the base of my image. I created an island of the Gold Coast using a variety of images and the side panel hints that there are more of these islands.


Heb Pelto

On the Road

My composition is about me on the road to a new world of Sonic the hedgehog through the ring portal. I love Sonic the Hedgehog.


Taj Ellerman

Wasteland in a Bag

My composition is about the concern I have for the lands of Australia and our carelessness with plastics. Plastics are turning our land into a wasteland.

Jessica Smith


I created an image about going away for holidays with my family and not really knowing what the holiday will bring as an adventure.


Mrs Janine Stone, Head of Information Technology