Year 7 Camp

Year 7 Camp

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Year 7 students had a wonderful experience on their outdoor education camp last week. There were many laughs as students displayed great teamwork and supported each other through a range of activities such as high ropes, canoeing and mountain biking. In the evenings, students also had the opportunity to reflect on their experiences and walk a labyrinth.


Day 1

We all met at the Meridan football fields excited to go to our Year 7 camp. When we arrived, we ate lunch and then were introduced to our awesome Camp Somerset instructors. Next, we got ready to go Mountain Biking. Our group was so excited. After we had sorted our packs, we set off for our campsite. The mountain bikes were Merida’s and were really good quality. It was fun and somehow no one in our group fell off! As soon as we got to our campsite we set up our tents, ate dinner and all slept well. – Ben McCormack

Day 2

It started off as a cool day. The day before was bright and sunny but in the middle of the night, due to a wind change, the temperature dropped. We got up 5.00am to prepare for the day and the challenges that lay ahead. The first activity we had was the giant swing, which was 9-10 metres high. It was so big we had to wear two types of harnesses – a hip harness and a full body harness. Then we did archery. One person even got a bullseye. After lunch we had the option to canoe or mountain bike to our campsite. I chose mountain biking. Everyone enjoyed this experience. The outdoor camping was a great experience and good preparation for Year 8 camp. – Lillian Atkinson

Day 3

On the last day of camp it was raining. We woke at 6.00am to get ready for the day. Once we had packed our bags it was time to head back to Camp Somerset. To get there we had to canoe in the rain. The cold rain and the strong wind made the journey even harder. But we had a few girls that encouraged us by singing, ‘How Far I’ll Go’. Once we got back to Camp Somerset we said our goodbyes. The group leaders made the camp so much fun and we thanked them for the awesome time. However, the camp couldn’t have happened without Mr Tait and Dr McMahon. Thank you also to all the teachers who attended! – Caitlin Moffitt

Mr Brendan Delaney, Director of Students