Year 6 Minecraft Challenge

Year 6 Minecraft Challenge

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At the end of last term, Year 6 set a Minecraft Challenge for students. Over a two-week period, students were tasked with creating a structure using Minecraft Education Edition to build on their collaboration and problem-solving skills.

Sonny, Phoebe and Jemma worked in a team to build PLC and were crowned the overall winners! Following is an overview of the process they undertook for the challenge. An incredible amount of time was spent on this project and the results were fantastic! Sonny, Phoebe and Jemma also created a short clip of their Minecraft, which is featured below. Congratulations to these students and well done to all who participated as there was some amazing structures created.

“To build PLC, we took pictures during our lunch breaks and explored inside some of the buildings. We then broke it into two parts, the primary and secondary school. Phoebe focussed on the primary school, Jemma focussed on the secondary school and Sonny helped out across both areas. Since the project was so large, we used video conferencing tools and social media to connect with each other at home. We spent around 2-6 hours per day working on the school to finish it.

We found that the colourings of the school and scale of the buildings were difficult to maintain. We learnt a lot about math in this project to ensure the buildings were the correct size.”

Mrs Linda Sydes, Year 6 Teacher