Year 6 Canberra Tour 2015

Year 6 Canberra Tour 2015

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The Year 6 students have returned from a very successful tour of Canberra. At last week’s Middle College assembly some of the students shared their insights on a few of the activities. This is what they said…

Australian War Memorial

On Thursday 15th October, the Year 6 students went to the Australian War Memorial. We saw the walls of remembrance and it was amazing to see the amount of poppies that had been left. Then we were split into groups and were given a guided tour through the museum. In the museum there were many amazing things from all the wars Australia has fought in - planes, army uniforms and much more. We also went into the tomb of the Unknown Soldier and it was really beautiful. After the tour we each got a poppy to place in the wall next to the soldiers name that we had researched the week before our trip. After that we went into the discovery area, which had hands on activities. We got to go through a trench, try on some real uniforms and pretend to fly a helicopter. We all loved the war memorial and we all really want to go back. – Ella Ousley


On the very first afternoon in Canberra, we went to Questacon, which is possibly one of the most weird and wacky science places ever. It had four floors. The first floor was very interactive and had a vertical slide, four-way hand hockey, hockey with a robot, a spiral walk through tunnel and a scarf tunnel. The second floor was an earthy style area with an indoor simulated lightning bolt, an earthquake zone (where you built a building and saw how long it could stand in an earthquake) and a display of the world including the crust, mantles and the inner and outer core. The other two floors were really fun because they were about illusions and light work. After we did that, we went to the most amazing shop ever, the gift shop and bought many things including one very popular item, freeze dried ice cream. – Sara Allen

Australian Institute of Sport (AIS)

In my opinion, the best part of the trip was our visit to the AIS. Yes, the gaming enthusiasts may disagree with me but the majority of Year 6 students agree with me. Overall, it was an absolutely outstanding experience. Over the few hours that we were there, we played three different sports and toured the complex. We played Basketball, European Handball and Dodgeball. I think that these sports have really been an eye opener for all of us. In my opinion, Dodgeball was the most fun. Overall I think that all the staff at the complex were very friendly and we all had a blast there. – Campbell Gigney