Year 5 Outdoor Education Experience

Year 5 Outdoor Education Experience

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Last week, Year 5 students packed their bags and eagerly boarded the buses ready for their Outdoor Education program at PCYC Bornhoffen in the Gold Coast Hinterland. Students embraced the theme of ‘growth mindset’ trying their best at new activities such as abseiling, creeking, low ropes and hiking. Students also had an opportunity to try sleeping in a tent for the first time, visit the local glow worms and roast a marshmallow on the campfire. Each night, students reflected on their experiences in their journal and enjoyed the wonderful food served up by the Bornhoffen staff. We boarded buses to make the journey home on Friday, only to get caught up in the Brisbane long weekend traffic! I would like to thank parents for their understanding and patience as we slowly crawled up the highway, edging closer to their waiting arms.

I would also like to thank Mrs Lu Pollard, Mr Scott Crompton, Mrs Chrissy Dobson, Mr Damian Davis and Mr Scott Massie for their endless energy and support in delivering the program and Mrs Shelley Hogan for her preparation assistance. Finally, thank you to the students for the way in which you pushed yourselves to learn in the unfamiliar outdoor environment. I look forward to seeing you continue to grow through your outdoor learning journey here at Pacific.

Ms Kim Wood, Head of Outdoor Education