Year 5 Market Day

Year 5 Market Day

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On Friday, our Year 5 classes ran a Market Day to raise funds for the Australian Lutheran World Service (ALWS) Gifts of Grace program. Prep – Year 4 students visited the market in their class groups and enjoyed a variety of arts and crafts, food and drinks!

This was the culminating activity of the Year 5 HASS: Business and Economics’ Entrepreneurial Unit. Students created a small business to sell a product of their choice at the Market Day. Students were required to progress through all the stages of setting up a business including developing a business plan, creating budgets, planning, undertaking customer surveys, designing and creating their product, designing a business card and advertising and finally, promoting their product throughout the school.

The purpose of this program was for students to experience the independence of being a business owner, to grow their leadership skills and encourage learning from peers. The Market Day was a great success! Students developed lifelong skills and created special memories working together.


Thank you to our Year 5 parents, who helped students with a start-up donation and also assisted with production at home. Thank you also to the parents and staff who assisted on the day and to everyone who visited and made purchases! In total, students raised more than $1780 for the ALWS.

Mrs Fiona Schefe, Year 5 Teacher