Year 4 – Out of Eden

Year 4 – Out of Eden

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This year, our Year 4 classes are participating in the Out of Eden Walk. The ‘walk’ is part of Harvard’s Project Zero and links to the Teaching for Understanding and Visible Thinking frameworks at the College.

Students are placed into ‘walking groups’ with young people from around the world and virtually follow the footsteps of Journalist Paul Salopek as he treks from Africa to South America following the old Silk Road. Our Year 4 students have been grouped with young people from schools in Greece, Brazil and the United States of America.

Every 100 miles, Journalist Paul Salopek uploads a photo of his surroundings and a video interview with a local, creating a footstep. Through the Eden Walk portal, students reflect on the footstep, complete activities, share their understandings and thoughts and interact with others in their walking groups to expand their learning.

The ‘walk’ aims to build connections with young people around the world and encourages students to:

  • Slow down, observe the world carefully and listen attentively to others;
  • Exchange stories about people, place and identity; and
  • Reflect on how their own lives connect to bigger human stories.

Stay tuned for updates as our Year 4 students continue their virtual learning journey, ‘walking’ around the globe!

Mr Damian Davis, Year 4 Teacher