Year 3 Geckoes Wildlife Visit

Year 3 Geckoes Wildlife Visit

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We love native Australian animals!

As part of their Science unit this term, Year 3 students were able to get up close and hands-on with a variety of native Australian animals, compliments of the Geckoes Wildlife mobile animal unit. The delight that the students gained from this experience was palpable and the lovely Kristan delivered a wealth of information on each exhibit. Kristan shared information about each animal’s habitats, preferred diet, life cycles, predators and defensive skills when out in the wild.


A range of animals visited from a gorgeous baby ring-tailed possum, to a barking owl and a potoroo with attitude. The students asked questions and were thrilled by some of the answers, particularly learning that snakes will eat each other and that crocodiles are actually very good mothers to their young. It was a wonderfully informative afternoon that successfully supported our Science unit. Thank you to Kristan and Geckoes Wildlife for bringing the unknown into focus.

Mrs Lu Pollard, Year 3 Teacher