Year 3 Excursion - Caboolture Historical Village

Year 3 Excursion - Caboolture Historical Village

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Last week, Year 3 students visited the Caboolture Historical Village. Following are some student accounts of the experience.

“Last Friday Year 3 went to the Caboolture Historical Village to experience what is was like in the olden days for our HASS subject. Firstly, we all lined up in front of the school and we all sang the national anthem with the principal. Mr Healy was asked to come to the front with the principal and answer questions. Since he got them wrong, he got the cane! It was very funny. Secondly, my class went to the gemstones and the volunteers gave each of us a container with sawdust and gems and we all got to have a lucky dip! When it was time to get more gems, we all lined up and opened our containers and tipped it onto the sieve to find our gems. A lady put our gems in a bag and gave it to us to keep. Then we learnt about washing in the olden days. I found it very interesting. Finally, we split up into groups and took pictures of the Village with our iPads. My group visited the church, which was actually a wedding church. We also went to the military museum and the train station, but sadly we didn’t get to go on the train. We also visited the stables and heard a very loud donkey. It was hilarious! In conclusion, I loved the excursion and thought it was very interesting.” – Zara Koebsch, Year 3A

“Last Friday, the whole of Year 3 and I visited the Caboolture Historical Village. It’s a place where you see and look at old artefacts and buildings and wonder how and why they changed. These were my top three favourite buildings:

  1. My first favourite building was the jail. It was cruel, they didn’t even have a functioning toilet. We were also told they didn’t change their clothes for a week at a time!
  2. My second favourite building was the school because the seats were really cool and made out of wood. You had to share a tiny spot with someone in your class.
  3. Last, but not least was the car shop. There were so many different types of cars and compared to now, they were very different!

In conclusion, it was a successful trip!” – Stella Barnes, Year 3D

“Last Friday we went to the Caboolture Historical Village. It was so awesome. One of my favourite parts was the gem mining. It was so much fun sifting for gems, there were so many different types – spotty ones and green ones. It was also great visiting the laundry area. In the olden days they had to reuse the water in a small metal round tub. They also didn’t have a bath for a whole week! The Village was a lot of fun and all of us learned a lot.” – Paris Pohlner, Year 3D

Year 6 Events


 Each year, the Sunshine Coast Independent Primary Heads’ Association (SCIPHA) provides selected, talented Year 6 students with the opportunity to attend the ‘Buranga’ extension and enrichment program. Buranga encourages like-minded students to gather over two days to participate in workshops in one of six prescribed areas. The six areas include: Music (Chorale / Voice), Visual Art, English, Mathematics, Science and Technology. Buranga was held last week and provided an exciting opportunity for our students to work with others from a range of schools and to really engage intently for two days in a special interest area.

Walk my Way

Last week, Year 6 students had the opportunity to engage in awareness raising for African refugees by completing the ‘Walk my Way’ challenge. Our students walked from the College to Currimundi Lake, pounding the pavement for three hours and walking an amazing seven kilometres! Students donated $500, which will help 20 students receive an education in a refugee camp for a year! Well done to all students who participated in this worthwhile experience.

We wish Pastor Tim and his team all the best on Sunday as they walk 25 kilometers for the Sunshine Coast Walk my Way to continue raising awareness and funds for those children in need.

Mr Stuart Pohlner, Year 6 Teacher