Year 3 Discovers Caboolture’s Historical Village

Year 3 Discovers Caboolture’s Historical Village

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On Thursday 3rd August, Year 3 students travelled to Caboolture’s Historical Village for an excursion.

Students participated in four different activities. Firstly, they went to the laundry and learnt how to do washing in the 1900's. Tom said, "All the siblings shared a bath and the bath water, the cleanest went first.” How disgusting!

Then students went to the blacksmith and learnt all about melting metal and how hot it has to be. The blacksmith told us that they would not buy the tools they needed; instead they would make them themselves.

Next, students went to the Gem Society. We learnt all about special gems and crystals and how they smooth them out. Students received a lucky dip of three or more gems each.

The train ride was next and someone had to hold onto a box of money that was stolen by a bushranger! He stole the coins but gave the money to Year 3.

Year 3 students had a great time exploring Caboolture's Historical Village.

Thomas Wegener and Isabella Lee, Year 3 Students