Winter Uniform Commencing Monday 10th May

Winter Uniform Commencing Monday 10th May

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The winter uniform will commence on Monday 10th May. As a reminder, the winter uniform consists of:

Middle College

  • Males – Summer uniform with College tie and hat.
  • Females – No change to summer uniform.

Senior College

  • Males – Long pants with belt and navy short socks, College shirt, tie, blazer and hat.
  • Females – Summer uniform with College blazer and hat. Navy or skin coloured stockings may be worn. Stockings are not to be worn with the sports uniform.

The full winter uniform including blazers and formal hat is to be worn to and from school every day other than SCISSA sport days.

The following are provided as general reminders to assist families in supporting their young people to maintain a high standard of presentation:

  • The formal jumper may only be worn with the day uniform (not worn with the sports uniform, nor the sports jacket worn with the day uniform).
  • Female students may wear stockings at any time of the year with their formal uniform. When wearing stockings, no socks are to be worn.
  • Female dresses should always be approximately knee length. Families are asked to maintain a check on this as girls grow rather than waiting for reminders to be sent from the College.

All uniform items are available from the College’s Uniform Shop or online at: