Success for PLC at MLTAQ Japanese Speech Contest

Success for PLC at MLTAQ Japanese Speech Contest

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Students across the Primary and Middle College competed in a highly contested field at the MLTAQ Japanese Speech Competition at the University of the Sunshine Coast on Sunday, 25 August.

In Year 4 Phoebe S, Jemma L and Hayley P competently represented their classes, with Phoebe commendably winning the division. In Year 5, Abigail C, Kirra B and Amelia H proudly represented their classes, with Abigail being awarded 3rd place.

In Year 6, Ayanna N, Jai B and Jackson B represented their individual classes, with Jackson performing admirably to win the division.  Enthusiastic participants in Year 7 included Elizabeth M and Gabrielle M, while Catalina S, Sierra L and Tanushi N proudly represented their respective Year 8 and 9 Japanese classes.     


Mrs. Joanne Bailey, Ms. Melissa Pietrala and Mrs Virginia Schlotterbach