Students’ en garde for The Three Musketeers!

Students’ en garde for The Three Musketeers!

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Students at Pacific Lutheran College are learning the skilful art of fencing in preparation for the College’s upcoming production of The Three Musketeers.

The eager cast of 40 students have been working with a local artistic fencing coach to choreograph lively fight sequences that are integral to the storyline.

Sunshine Coast Fencing Association’s Nanna Brane said the students’ progress had been amazing!

“None of the students had ever fenced before or held a weapon so it’s been rewarding to see their skills develop.”

“We started small, building basic fencing skills and then started to mix in the dialogue and work the sword choreography around that,” Ms Brane said.

“By learning the art of fencing and understanding the basics, students will be able to deliver a really dynamic performance, which is important for a production like The Three Musketeers.”

Featuring classic French sets, elaborate costumes, smooth swordsmanship and a tongue-in-cheek script, The Three Musketeers is an amusing tale suitable for the whole family.

Directors, Mrs Janine Delaney and Miss Alisha Janssen, said that while the comedy production is based on the original story, Charles Morey’s stage adaptation will surprise audiences.

“The story is actually told by Alexandre Dumas himself. He interacts with the characters and frames the action as events unfold in front of him,” Mrs Delaney said.

Dumas weaves the tale of D’Artagnan and the Three Musketeers as they fight for the honour of the queen, facing the evil Cardinal Richelieu and the scheming Milady de Winter who try to thwart them at every turn.

“It’s been exciting seeing the production develop since rehearsals began at the start of the year.”

“Students have been working on their French accents and we’ve really appreciated the input of professionals such as Nanna to ensure we deliver an authentic story,” Mrs Delaney said.