Secondary Athletics Carnival

Secondary Athletics Carnival

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Well done to all students who competed at the Secondary Athletics Carnival this week. It was the perfect day with the weather providing great conditions for our competitors. Congratulations to Bula House for taking out the 2016 shield. Mumba House showed the greatest spirit at the carnival, winning the House Spirit trophy for the second year in a row!


Overall, the points from the carnival were as follows:

1st place – BULA (2759 points)

2nd place – MUMBA (2525 points)

3rd place – WIRA (2305 points)

There were some fantastic individual performances throughout the day and we congratulated the Individual Age Champions at the end of the carnival. They were:

13 Years Boys

  1. Sam Larsen 
  2. Sean Christensen
  3. Brock Bloomer

13 Years Girls

  1. Bethany McKenna 
  2. Cosette Winter 
  3. Rhianna Higginson

14 Years Boys

  1. James Brown 
  2. Nicholas Lloyd 
  3. Riley Boaza

14 Years Girls

  1. Brooklyn Graves 
  2. Georgia Harle 
  3. Caitlin Hall

15 Years Boys

  1. Nathan Weir 
  2. Kian Strong 
  3. Tomas Evans-Butcher

15 Years Girls

  1. Natasha Whiteley 
  2. Isla Gear 
  3. Karlee Connors

16 Years Boys

  1. Kurtis Modlin 
  2. Drew Chaplin 
  3. Matt Barnes

16 Years Girls

  1. Gemma Whitelaw 
  2. Josie Bradshaw 
  3. Aimee Sheppard/Jaz Alexander

Open Boys

  1. Jez Lofthouse 
  2. Beau Blake 
  3. Jake Hynes/Bailey Hockam

Open Girls

  1. Jazz Morris 
  2. Amy Fleming 
  3. Zoey Parfrement

A special mention must also go to those students who broke records this year, some of which had been around almost since the College’s inception!

2016 New Records

  • 16 Girls Javelin: Aimee Sheppard, 24.67
  • 14 Girls 200m: Brooklyn Graves, 27.92
  • 14 Girls 400m: Brooklyn Graves, 1.09.62
  • 16 Girls High Jump: Gemma Whitelaw, 1.36m (equal existing record)
  • 14 Boys 800m: James Brown, 2.29.25
  • 16 Boys 100m: Kurtis Modlin, 11.52
  • 16 Boys 200m: Kurtis Modlin, 24.05


Thank you to the Friends of Pacific for running the BBQ and supplying the officials with food and drink throughout the day.

The Secondary District Athletics Carnival is scheduled for the 18th and 19th August (Week 6). All athletes who were successful in making it in to the team will be required to attend. We wish them all the best at the next level of competition.