SCISSA Touch – Grand Finals

SCISSA Touch – Grand Finals

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This week marked the conclusion of the SCISSA touch season, with the grand finals being played at the Peregian touch fields on Wednesday night. Pacific had two teams contesting the finals (Senior B Boys and Senior B Girls).

The Senior B Girls were undefeated all season as they entered the grand final game against Sunshine Coast Grammar School (SCGS). Pacific started off strongly, scoring two tries very early on in the first half. However, SCGS managed to stop Pacific’s flow and by the end of the first half, the score was 3-0 to Pacific. The second half was all Pacific as well as the girls claimed victory over SCGS (5-0). A big congratulations to the girls for their season and we thank to Mr Darren Lawrance and Mr Andrew Block for coaching them.

In the Senior B Boys game, it was a seesaw affair with both teams failing to get a lead on each other throughout the game. At the start, Pacific got off to a 2-0 lead, but their opponents (SCGS) fought back to keep the game tight. By the full-time siren, the scores were locked at 4-4. In extra time (golden point drop off), Pacific looked like they were going to score off the tap, with a magnificent draw and pass to the wing. However, a ball fumble going over the line gave possession back to SCGS. It didn’t matter however, as three sets later, Pacific went on the attack again and a lovely diving catch from Reece Sarvari on the wing, led to a magnificent try and another grand final win for Pacific! Overall, it was a thrilling game to watch and we congratulate all the boys and their coach Mr Kurt Jones for their win.