Science Awards

Science Awards

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The International Competition and Assessments for Schools (ICAS) Science Competition assesses students’ skills in the key scientific areas of interpreting data (observing, measuring and interpreting diagrams and information, tables and graphs);  applying data (inferring, predicting and concluding) and higher order skills (investigating, reasoning and problem solving). 

Year 3-12 students who are enrolled in a Science subject at Pacific sit this competition each year. This year, we also offered the competition to Year 3, 5, 11 and 12 students who were keen to take part. 

For the first time too, the competition was delivered as an online version.

To achieve a certificate of Distinction, students need to be ranked in the top 11% of their year level in Australia. The following students achieved this outstanding ranking this year. Of these, eight students were less than 6% points short of achieving a certificate of High Distinction (top 1%).

Year 3: Matthew Carlaw, Rylan Chen (top 3%), Henry Greene and Cadell Tensen.

Year 4: Ben Powell.

Year 5: Carter Boland.

Year 6: Jasmine Corliss and Lily Corliss (both in the top 4%).

Year 9: Liam Russell (top 5%).

Year 10: Harry Collishaw.

In order for a student to be awarded a certificate of Credit, they need to be ranked in the top 36% of their year level in Australia.  This year, we had 63 students across Years 3-12 who were awarded this ranking, with 12 of these students less than 6% points short of achieving a certificate of Distinction (top 11%).

Year 3: Madison Austin, Kimika Conrad, Heath Davies, Fletcher Friend, Grace Healy (top 18%), Euan Lengenberg, Catherine Maclean, Chase McKinnon, Lily Parkes (top 18%), Paris Pohlner (top 18%) and Cooper Ridley.

Year 4: Lincon Daniels (top 13%), Isabel McKeown (top 13%), Rachel Monroe, Sienna Pyke (top 19 %) and Nathan Russell.

Year 5: Oliver Friend, Ella Mulhearn (top 17%), Joe Playford (top 17%), Samuel Roberts (top 13%) and Jemma Simpson.

Year 6: Finn Barnes, Elena Butler, Jai Conrad (top 15%), Luela Holland, Lachlan Oakley, Evie Sillar and Elizabeth Wegener (top 15%).

Year 7: Olivia Boland, Luca Buttrose (top 18%), Ronan Gates,Oliver Grey, Cooper Kiernan, Blake Kopcikas-Moore (top 13%), Taylor Mikolic, Kirrily Petfield (top 18%),Taj Turney and Macey Winter.

Year 8: Amedy Buchanan, Lucy Dimond, Ben McCormac (top 19%), Samantha McVicar (top 16%), Joshua Turnbull (top 16%) and Hugo Winten.

Year 9: Jasmin Groves, Chaise Miles, Jacob Salvesen, Charles Box (top 14%), Noah Smith and Noah Winten (top 17%).

Year 10: Noah Beasley (top 20%), Lachlan Buchanan, Connor Dines, Thomas Grey, Jayda Lowe, Cody McMackin, Jackson Mobbs and Dafydd Thomas.

Year 11: John Redd, Patrick Swindles (top 20%) and Lachlan Wardle.

A huge congratulations is extended to all of these students. As this is an international competition, the writers have identified these skills as being vitally important for Science students in over 20 countries. So as a department, we continue to work on these skills in our students in order to develop their competencies and strengths.

Miss Rebecca Ross, Head of Science