Science and Engineering Challenge Day

Science and Engineering Challenge Day

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The Science and Engineering Challenge is a day-long competition designed to provide Year 10 (or Year 9) students with a positive experience of science and engineering. A maximum of eight schools per day compete against each other at one venue. On Tuesday, Pacific participated in Day 1 of the competition

Pacific was divided into eight groups of 2-4 students. Each group was required to complete either one full-day activity, or two half-day activities from a range of sessions including Confounding Communications, Turbine, Future Power, Bridge and Grasping at Straws. Students were awarded points for each activity, based on a number of criteria.

At the end of the day, Pacific won with a margin of 26 points to its nearest rivals. This outcome is only possible through the great work of the students and the wonderful teaching by the Science, Mathematics, Engineering and Technology departments. Congratulations to all students who participated.

It was also a great surprise to see 2019 graduate, Joe Simpson, who is currently studying Engineering at USC and was a judge at the competition.

Mr Wes Warner and Mrs Claire Richards, STEM Teachers