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On Sunday 30th May, the annual RoboRave Australia was held at the University of the Sunshine Coast (USC) as part of the RoboRave International event. The day was live screened to over 30 countries around the world.

RoboRave is an international series of robotics events based out of Albuquerque USA, with challenges aimed at students from primary school age up to university adults.  RoboCoast has been chosen as the Australian annual event organiser, with a view to hosting the annual RoboRave International in 2024, in partnership with USC. 250 teams were present at Sunday‚Äôs event from schools across Queensland.

RoboRave included several competition challenges:

  • Sumo-Lego (high school, middle school or elementary school only)
  • Open sumo
  • Alpine climb
  • Line follow
  • Megabot challenge
  • Entrepreneurial challenge.

Four teams represented Pacific Lutheran College with all teams registered in the Sumo-Lego challenge.

The four teams were:

  • Big 4 - Dylan Casement and Angus Edwards
  • No Brainer - Aston Hogg
  • Terminator - Vinny Clarke and Lucas Hitchman
  • Vinnie - Riley Shepherd

After several rounds of the tournament, Riley managed to make the final of the competition but unfortunately was beaten in the first round of the final.

The students had a great day and they worked tirelessly to not only improve their designs but to modify their code to meet the challenges presented.

A fabulous day all round. A huge thanks to these dedicated Robotics students.

Mrs Janine Stone, Robotics Co-Ordinator.