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Principal's Log

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Welcome to the start of Term 2 and particularly to new students and staff. It is always exciting to reconnect with people as we come together as community. With God at our centre, we have the privilege of growing together in a hope filled way as we grow through the successes and challenges of life.

Learning to embrace challenges as opportunities for learning and growth is an important mindset to possess. It is helpful to remember that learning occurs best at the point of challenge. From an academic perspective, having the opportunity to “grapple with ideas, sought through ambiguities and deal with complexity”, enables neural pathways to be built as “deep learning” and “rich understanding” occur. Research shows that these are the qualities required for “long-term retention and robust transfer”. It is the productive struggle that fosters deep learning and engagement. “Simplification often removes the very struggle” required to grow the brain and hence capacity. (, sighted 18th April 2024). We need to promote, embrace, encourage and celebrate productive struggle as a rich and critical point of purposeful learning.

We congratulate our Armidale Rugby teams who represented the College at the Armidale Rugby Competition. The U12 boys, U 14 girls and U 16 girls acquitted themselves very well and were well supported by parents. We thank Mr Josh Cummins, Mr Darren Hooper, Ms Leigh Finter, Miss Georgie Snelling and Mr Scott Crompton for their leadership and parents for their support.

We also congratulate Lily Costa and Kyle Huxley, who have been selected to represent Queensland at the National Swimming Championships in July. We wish Lily all the best as she competes in the 11 Girls 200m Individual Medley, 100m and 50m Freestyle events, and Kyle as he competes in the 11 Boys 100m Butterfly.

Thank you to staff, students and parents who made the most of the opportunity to enhance learning through engagement in the Years 6-9 Parent, Teacher, Student Conferences this week. These conferences provided an important opportunity for students to grow in their agency and efficacy as they engaged in improvement focused conversations.

We look forward to coming together as community for the Year 3-12 Cross Country, K-12 Open Day and Anzac Day commemoration services and March over the coming week. Details about these are contained later in the newsletter.

Families who use Meridan Way as an access to the College are strongly encouraged to read advice about the planned closure of pedestrian and bike pathways during May as works occur in the area. This advice is enclosed later in the newsletter.

As we start a new term together, we pray for all staff, students and their families that they experience strong growth and connection. We pray that God would inspire hope and provide for the needs of people throughout our community and the world. We pray that our common humanity is celebrated and protected.

Dr Bronwyn Dolling, Principal