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Schools are places of great growth. We are delighted that we have formed a partnership with the University of New England to develop a High-Ability Learners Toolkit. We will be working with Dr Genevieve Thraves who has recently worked with the Victorian Department of Education to build their toolkit for high-ability learners.  Through this joint action research project, a team of P-12 teachers will build on the College’s pedagogical approach to provide enhanced opportunities for our highly able learners.  We thank our Director of Learning Ms Sue Arahill, Head of Learning Middle College Mrs Jo Belchamber, Head of Learning K-5, Mrs Sue Zweck and Head of Learning Enrichment, Mrs Chantal McAllister for their leadership of this project which will bring benefits to students within and beyond the College.

Growth is amplified when people act together for a common purpose. This week, Year 9 parents joined with staff to connect with their children and send them on their Rite Journey. As part of “The Departure” ceremony, parents and students shared reflections and insights with each other about their journey to date as parents and children. The Rite Journey provides an important opportunity for Year 9 students to reflect and grow in their understandings of themselves and in their relationships with family, peers and community as they move towards young adulthood. Through reflection, activity and rituals young people are encouraged to grow in their confidence and capacity to live with gracious good purpose. We wish our Year 9 students, teachers Mrs Emma Lendrum, Mrs Holly Gricks, Mr Duncan McNee, Mr Brett Kersnovske and Mr Mark Hauser and parents all the best as they engage in this important journey of growth together.

At the Year 10 Information evening parents and students gained greater insight into the opportunities and programs available at the College to grow young people’s agency to enhance their learning and growth as they move into Senior College and beyond. Presentations included improved communication processes through NAV and leadership and personal development through peer mentoring and engagement in co-curricular and service activities. Development of study habits and processes to enhance academic growth and resources and processes to enhance future pathways were also shared. We thank our students and parents for their attendance and the Head of Learning, Senior College Mrs Anne-Marie Gerlach, Head of Students, Senior College Mrs Leigh Finter, Head of Career Development, Mrs Wanda Hayes and past students Aime Hague and Makani Campbell for their presentations. We thank Mr Steve Rattey who has provided IT support for each of our information evenings over this past fortnight.

Last Friday we welcomed our Year 8 students back from their 5-day outdoor education experience. The experience provided the opportunity for young people to grow in their social and emotional understandings and skills, in their confidence, and in their relationships with each other, nature and God. Learning to face new experiences and overcome challenges supported the growth of resilience, a greater preparedness to give things a go and to learn through mistake-making and problem-solving.  Connection with nature provided opportunity for wellbeing to be enhanced. Our outdoor education experiences capably led by Mr Paul Brace provide unique opportunities for growth.  We thank Mr Paul Brace, and Ms Georgie Snelling, Mr Nick Masson, Ms Megan Bancks, Mr Rob Belchamber, Mrs Leah Croke Ms Rebekah Horsey, Ms Tiffany Harman, Ms Brooklyn Graves, Mr Sam Irwin, Mr Liam Jacka, Mr Mark Hauser, Ms Taylor Edwards, MrJosh Danzey, and Mrs Sharon Middleton for their leadership of the Year 8 students throughout the experience.

Strong spirit and high levels of participation were evident at this week’s 7-12 Inter-house Swimming Carnival. It was good to see enthusiastic support being given to strong swimmers and those being prepared to swim for their houses. Well done to all students for their participation, spirited support and good sportsmanship. We congratulate all swimmers for giving their best, our Age Champions and Buran House for winning the carnival and Mumba for winning the Spirit award.  We thank our staff and parents for their support of the carnival and Mr Cameron West-McInnes and Mrs Lisa Muir for their overall co-ordination and leadership.

We pray that God would provide for those around the world who are suffering through the effects of natural disasters, war, poverty and disease.  May God enable us to see and act to assist people in need.

Dr Bronwyn Dolling, Principal