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We were delighted this week to learn that two of our Future Problem Solving Teams had progressed through to the National Finals. Four teams across Years 6-11 have worked during their lunch times throughout the year to create and write solutions for global problems set for 50 years in the future. Year 7 Pacific Plus students have been creating solutions for problems within our current community. Congratulations to Amy Richards, Oliver Friend, Isla Lendrum and Emily Studiman who were selected to be part of the national finals for the Global Issue Problem Solving and to Nathan Russell, Hunter Fullard, Jax Bautista, Aidan Kemp and Declan Bancks for their selection to represent Queensland in the national finals for the Community Problem Solving section.  We congratulate all students who have been part of this enriching competition and wish these two teams all the best as they now prepare for competition in Melbourne. We express our thanks to coaches Mrs Jo Belchamber, Mrs Linda Sydes, Sebastian Box and Charles Box.  It has been great to see current Year 12 students, Seb and Charles mentor and coach our younger students. 

One of the ideas of the Year 7 Pacific Plus groups was to enhance reading for children across the Caloundra area by making books available through “Little Libraries” placed throughout the local community. They are looking to create tiny libraries in a variety of locations where members of the community can simply take a book home to read with their children. An article later in this newsletter provides details of how members of our community can support this great initiative.

It was a delight on Saturday to watch the U12B Pacific Razors and the U14B Pacific Barracudas compete in the grand finals of the Sunshine Coast Churches Soccer Association.  In two tightly contested games where all four teams showed great tenacity and sportsmanship, the Pacific teams both won in a penalty shootout.  Parents, family members and friends showed great support for both teams.  Congratulations to these teams and to all players, coaches, managers and executive members capably led by Mrs Jenny Lee and Mrs Rita Williams who enabled the club to have such a successful year. We congratulate all those nominated for the Adermann Awards.

We look forward to the Netball grand finals this Saturday where the PLC Firebirds will be contesting their grand final at 10.30am at the Caloundra Stadium. Well done to the PLC Mavericks and PLC Rebels for reaching the preliminary finals.  Members of our community are encouraged to come along and support the Firebirds and our netballers who have also had a great season through the support of coaches and executive members led by Mrs Michelle Dufty and Mrs Donna Townsend.

We look forward to the return of our Year 6 students tomorrow afternoon. All reports are that they have had a great time and represented themselves and the College well. They have learnt more about our government, history, science and sport development as they toured Canberra. We thank our teachers and staff who attended the trip Mr Stuart Pohlner, Mrs Kim Kiernan, Mr Scott Crompton, Mr Mark Hauser, Mrs Melissa Ousley and Mrs Sharon Middleton, and Mr Paul Brace for his leadership and organisation.

We give a prayer of thanks to God for giving us the joy and power of the written word and pray that we might all find ways to engage with the living word within the Bible.

Dr Bronwyn Dolling, Principal