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Principal's Log

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Congratulations and thank you to the over 80 members of our community who contributed to our Strategic Planning Day last Saturday.  It was an energising purposeful day where many great ideas were generated and shared.  Beginning with a video commentary about the future needs of education produced by the OECD “Re-thinking Education From the Classroom Up”, College Council members, parents, staff and students then used a variety of thinking routines to reflect on how to enhance student experience in each of the six areas of Learning, Student Wellbeing, Mission and Service, Science Technology and the Environment, Sport and Visual and Performing Arts. 

It was a rich day of learning and thinking that generated strong strategic directions.  A large contingent of students played a significant role in the day.  Thank you to all College Council members, staff, students and parents who attended and contributed so effectively.  A particular thank you to Mr Wes Warner, Mr Cameron West McInnes, Mr Mark Hauser, Ms Leigh Finter, and Mrs Carlie Purkis for their leadership of their groups and their preparatory planning. Thank you to Mrs Michiko Hauser and Mrs Leanne Bevis for their support in the planning and running of the day and to our Hospitality staff for preparing morning tea and lunch.  Thank you and congratulations to everyone involved and particularly to Director of Learning, Ms Sue Arahill who planned and led such a successful day and supported the leaders in planning for their sessions.

Families will have received a hard copy of the Compass Review this week.  The publication is a marvellous celebration of the progress made through the 2019-2022 Strategic Plan. A summary of focus areas and celebrations is summarised within the lead article.  Highlights of 2022 celebrated throughout the Compass Review reflect this continuity of growth and culture of co-creation, thinking, creativity, connection, hope-filled purpose and achievement.  The reflections from our graduates including the 2012 College Captains contain these same threads.  We thank all members of our community for their contribution to the ongoing growth and culture of the College and Mrs Samantha Barrass for her leadership in the production of the publication.

The campus was buzzing as the Prep to Year 6 students enjoyed dressing up as their favourite book characters as part of Book Week.  Students enjoyed being part of the book week parade and taking on their favourite character for the day. This was just one of the activities of the week where books and literature were celebrated.  Literature and stories play a huge part in enriching our lives and we thank our library staff for immersing us in the power of story and fostering a love of reading through their passion and imagination.

We look forward to the Celebrating our Dads Breakfast on Thursday 1st September in the music courtyard, where our families can come together to celebrate and give thanks to our Dads and celebrate the important role that men play in our families and community. Please use this link to register for attendance.

We say a prayer of thanks for the many blessings we experience as part of the Pacific community.

Dr Bronwyn Dolling, Principal