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Principal's Log

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One of the delights of being a teacher and a Principal is to watch people do things well.  I had the privilege of listening to the Year 11 students as they delivered speeches on the theme of “peel back the layers” as part of the Interhouse Public Speaking Competition. The thoughtful presentations were insightful and inspirational.  Well done to all twelve speakers.  Thank you to the Academic Pacific Action Group for their organisation and leadership.

It was exciting to see three of our netball teams compete very well in the grand finals of the Sunshine Coast Secondary Schools Netball competition on Monday night.  All three matches were tightly contested with the girls showing high levels of skill, teamwork and tenacity.  Well done to the PLC Sapphire and Jade teams for high-quality performances that saw them lose narrowly. Congratulations to the Opal team who won by 1 goal to be champions of their division.  Well done to all girls who have played netball this year.  Congratulations to all of our coaches and players on the growth that continues to be evident in our netball teams.  A special thank you to our Head of Netball, Mrs Michelle Dufty for her leadership of the netball program.

Last Friday night, families from across the Sunshine Coast joined our Pacific families at the College to listen to a presentation from a representative of British Columbia University.  Thank you to our Head of Career Development, Mrs Wanda Hayes for organising this unique experience which gave good insights into the processes, opportunities and benefits of undertaking tertiary study in Canada.

The Year 10 Information Evening provided important information for Year 10 students and their families as they engage in the process of planning for their Year 11 and 12 and beyond school pathways.  The presentations provided important information about the QCE, career planning, university and vocational pathways and the procedures for subject selection.  We thank the families and students for their attendance and Mrs Anne-Marie Gerlach and Mrs Wanda Hayes for their presentations.  We thank Mr Steve Rattey for his technical support including the recording of the evening which will be made available for all Year 10 students and their families.

We look forward to the Ensembles Concert on Friday night and wish our Year 12 and Year 7 students all the best for their retreat and Outdoor Education experience next week.

We say a prayer of thanks for our homes and that we can come home to God at any moment.

Dr Bronwyn Dolling, Principal