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Principal's Log

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It has been very good to walk around the College and see how quickly young people and their teachers have established positive and engaging learning environments. The Year 3 to 5 students have enjoyed using their new indoor and outdoor spaces and the Preps have made a great start to the year. Our Middle and Senior College students have moved smoothly into the rhythm of learning at the next level.  During Middle and Senior College assembly this week, we spoke about the importance of establishing routines. One of the important routines for Middle and Senior College students is to preserve space for effective home learning.  Families can assist young people by involving them in planning family routines that include quality time for home learning and provide balance, by incorporating time for exercise, family, community, church connection, sleep, leisure activities, healthy eating, employment and free time. Being organised is one of the key determiners of success.  Building this as a proactive habit creates time and space and enhances energy and agency. 

The Year 12s have been looking forward to many of the rites of passage that come with their final year. One of these is the presentation of their senior jerseys, which is normally done by our Year 2 students. This year we have made the most of the opportunity of having to do things differently through presenting students with their jersey at the start of our labyrinth walk. Each student was invited to reflect on the poem written by Pastor Rick and the purpose they will bring to their final year through fulfilling the responsibilities of senior leadership within the College. The journey through the labyrinth encouraged our seniors to reflect on what the role of Year 12 leadership means and how they can make a difference for themselves and others through God’s grace and guidance.  We wish our Year 12s every blessing in their role as leaders.

Clubs and co-curricular activities including involvement in sport and extension programs such as Future Problem Solving, and Robotics have been launched this week. Young people gain most benefit from their time at the College through taking advantage of a broad range of opportunities. We thank our staff and parents who give generously of their time to create these opportunities. 

We look forward to welcoming Ms Sarah Johns as a Humanities and Senior Geography teacher. Ms Johns comes to us from Canterbury Girls Secondary College in Victoria and was a very highly regarded teacher within her school and within the Geography Teachers Association of Victoria.  Ms Johns is also a Level 2 Volleyball coach and has connections with Volleyball Australia.  We look forward to welcoming her next week and thank Mr Brendan Delaney for teaching the Year 9 and 10 Humanities students very capably at the start of the year.

Thank you to our parents, staff and students who have adjusted so well to the changes in routines that this year has required. We appreciate the role that everyone has played to have such a positive start to the year.

We pray that God would equip us to be people who encourage and enable those around us.

Dr Bronwyn Dolling, Principal