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Principal's Log

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As student’s receive feedback on their progress, it is important that they move from an emotional response to one of learning. Reflecting on what went well is an important first step. Breaking the feedback into actions that need to be taken and writing those down helps people to start to own the feedback and begin the process of learning through it. Making a decision about what small steps can bring immediate improvement and then long term strategies, moves us into a solution focused approach. Every small step that is taken is an investment in our future. In the long term, the grades and the score we earn are simply sign posts of where we were at a point in time and they mean little when compared to the habits of thinking and learning that we develop. Taking the long term view of building capacity through everything we do and having the courage to always give 100 per cent empowers us to learn through our successes and failures. 

Congratulations to Charles Box and Makani Campbell who have been selected to represent Queensland in the Future Problem Solving National Finals. Charles explored gamification as a near future issue, identifying possible challenges, providing solutions and developing an action plan for 2046. Makani entered the Scenario Writing Competition, producing a story about virtual reality travel that placed in the top nine nationally. We congratulate all students who participated in the Future Problem Solving Competition and thank Mrs Jo Belchamber, Ms Adelle Byerlee and Ms Kirsty Roy for their support of our team.

Congratulations also to Ella Jarick who placed second in the Year 7-9 Australian Jacaranda Writing Competition. Ella wrote a short story that explored the effects of humans on our oceans through her narrative about a mother whale. We thank Mrs Ceilidh King for her leadership of Ella and our Year 9 literature students.

Well done to our Intermediate T20 Cricket team who played very well to defeat both Burnside State Highschool and St Andrew’s Anglican College. We thank Mr Stuart Pohlner who has enjoyed working with the boys in our new cricket nets.

All families will receive a copy of the Compass Review this week, which highlights some of the developments and achievements within the College. We thank all staff for their contributions and Mrs Steph Scarlett for her coordination.

May God grow us to be people who seek first to understand.

Dr Bronwyn Dolling, Principal