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Principal's Log

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The Athletics Carnivals at the end of last week were a tremendous success. Students exhibited great spirit and sportsmanship as they participated in differently shaped carnivals. With single year levels moving from event to event, there were high levels of participation and celebration of performance. As with all COVID-19 adjusted planning, there were staff and students who reflected that they would love to maintain many of the new elements of the day into the future. We congratulate all students and staff and Bula House who won the Year 7-12 carnival and Mumba House who won the Year 3-6 event. We look forward to the P-2 carnival next week. In particular, we thank Mr Darren Hooper, Mrs Natalie Campbell and Ms Marg Gunn for their leadership in the planning of the carnivals in a much more complex environment. Thank you to our parents for the tremendous way you have supported our staff and students through respecting the spectator free nature of our sporting events. We appreciate your support.


In the afternoons, families with Year 5 students are invited to park in the bay at the top of the Year 3-12 car park while they wait for their children after school. Using this space will mean that we’re able to keep the traffic on Woodlands Boulevard flowing and increase the speed and safe collection of children. Year 11 and 12 students have been asked to park off site to create space for parents to utilise. Middle and Senior College families who arrive after 3.20pm generally experience a very short collection time and reduce the congestion at the peak time between 2.50pm – 3.10pm.

Mrs Denise McMahon continues to develop creative ways to showcase the artistic talents of our students. This week, staff and Middle and Senior College students enjoyed the pop-up Art Gallery that showcased the Year 10 students’ portraits. Families are invited to engage in a virtual tour of our Year 12 students’ art works, the details of which are available later in this newsletter. Well done to Mrs McMahon for continually expanding the horizons of what is possible.

We pray for all those in need and that God would give us hearts, hands and voices to be people who care for others as a way of being.

Dr Bronwyn Dolling, Principal