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While the Hot List award is named as an individual recognition, it is very much a celebration of what we have achieved together as a community. Significant numbers of staff and leaders across K-12 have embraced exploring and building a contemporary, coherent, innovative approach to education together. This approach draws on the synergy between the learnings of Harvard’s Project Zero team, positive psychology and Lutheran theology. Teachers have welcomed the opportunity to explore new ways of doing things and learnt together as teams. Students across the College have increasingly had the opportunity to direct their learning through access to digital resources and taking advantage of flexible learning practices and spaces. As there has been a focus on the continual growth of our culture of thinking, there have been different teams leading the development of contemporary approaches to learning and students’ social emotional capacities as well as enhancing the skills of digital technology, entrepreneurialism, innovation, critical thinking, and creativity. There has been a whole school focus on the development of deep understandings of disciplinary learning and the development of connections between these areas as well as connections with the real world. The support and engagement of our parents with this evolving approach, and who we are as community including the way we run our clubs and events such as OCEANfest, has enabled us to continue to grow and enhance our learnings together. While the award is named for a single person, it is a whole community achievement and one where we can all be proud of the part we have played. Are we there yet? No. The great thing about learning is that it is never done. Schools are like people, there is always more to learn. However, this is a milestone we can all pause to celebrate. Well done Pacific!

As another point of celebration, we congratulate our student leaders for 2021 and wish them well as they work with our current College Captains and make the transition to leadership of our community. A meeting with the combination of the leaders of the 2020 and 2021 Pacific Action Groups this week produced very creative thinking, generating new opportunities for staff and students. We thank Mr Mark Hauser, Mr Ben Ryan, Mr Damien Evans, Mr Brett Kersnovske and Mrs Leigh Finter for leading the leadership selection process well and congratulate our incoming leaders.

College Captains: Tegan Graves and Noah Beasley

Vice Captains: Olivia Gartrell, Nicola Hewitt, Elijah Modlin and Connor Dines

Pacific Action Group Captains

  • Spirituality and Service: Astrid Williams
  • Sport: Alicia Woods and Lachlan Buchanan
  • Academic: Tanushi Nath and Layla Kidd
  • Pastoral Care: Chelsea Kidd and Michael D’Addario
  • Environmental: Sophia Summers and Holly Ubrihien
  • Cultural: Madison Randl and Alexander Jose

House Captains


  • Captains: Cosette Winter and Patrick Henderson
  • Vice Captains: Samantha Holt and Christopher Carde


  • Captains: Georgina Jones and Thomas Grey
  • Vice Captains: Dempsey Hall and Joshua Stevenson


  • Captains: Emma Frohmuller and Billy Hocken
  • Vice Captains: Ella Hockam and Campbell Williams

It is a pleasure to announce that Mr Brett Kersnovske has been appointed to the permanent position of Head of Bula House. Mr Brett Kersnovske has made a strong start to the role in his acting capacity. As a result of this appointment, Mr Kersnovske has advised that he will not continue as Head of Sport next year. We appreciate Mr Kersnovske’s significant contribution to the ongoing maturation of the sport program here at the College in his role as Head of Sport. His thoughtful and thorough approach was greatly appreciated. We look forward to celebrating more fully Mr Kersnovske’s contribution in the future and his contribution as Head of Bula.

It was great to see the start of the U14 rugby match last night where Pacific played against Sunshine Coast Grammar School. It was a high-quality game and our boys can be very proud of their teamwork, skill and tenacity. I was very proud to read an email from the Head of Sport at John Nash State High School last week, who praised our teams for their sportsmanship and attitude both on and off the field at their matches. In particular, our Open Boys rugby team was commended for their spirit, skill and perseverance in a tough match.

We have much to celebrate together and we thank God for the people he has brought into this community and the gifts they have given.

Dr Bronwyn Dolling, Principal