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Principal's Log

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It has been good to see and hear our young people continue to engage in a breadth of experiences including music ensembles and instrumental tutoring this term. Congratulations to all students who took part in the Sunshine Coast Junior Eisteddfod. It has required considerable creativity and commitment on behalf of teachers and students to maintain momentum with their development in music. We thank Mrs Helen Williams, Mrs Aleisha Tuaine, Mr David Simpfendorfer and the instrumental teachers for their leadership.

Congratulations to our CyberTaipan teams who are competing in a cyber security competition conducted by the CSIRO. After successfully completing two rounds last Friday over a 6 hour period, they now move onto the next round of competition later in August. We thank Mrs Janine Stone for her coaching of these teams and her initiative in finding opportunities for students to test and extend their digital and problem-solving skills.

There was a buzz around the College as Year 5 students departed for their outdoor education experience on Tuesday. We are blessed in Queensland to be able to have these opportunities and are thankful for the work of Ms Kim Wood and Ms Marg Gunn in adjusting plans to meet current health requirements and provide valuable learning opportunities for our students. We thank Ms Kim Wood, Mr Scott Crompton, Mr Scott Massie, Mrs Lu Pollard, Mrs Christine Dobson and Mr Damian Davis for their leadership of this valuable experience and look forward to the return of staff and students on Friday.

We thank the Friends of Pacific, Mr Tim Ambrose and Mrs Steph Scarlett for their work in developing the PLC Community Connect business listing. This resource is intended to enable our community to support our local Pacific businesses of both past and current families. Families can access the resource and register their business on the College website:

Every day our students benefit from the generosity of staff and parents and the blessings that God gives us. Deepening our appreciation as individuals and families enhances our sense of abundance and wellbeing. Starting and finishing our days with a prayer of thanks for the gifts that people and God have given us calms and enriches us.

Dr Bronwyn Dolling, Principal