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Principal's Log

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Building on the continuity that has occurred earlier this term, Middle and Senior College students are preparing for and engaging in formal assessments. Teachers across P-12 are also formalising their judgments about student progress in preparation for formal reporting at the end of this semester. For our Middle and Senior College students it is important that they prepare progressively for the upcoming assessments and seek assistance as required from their teachers. Each small step in learning is really an investment in every student’s future. Middle and Senior College students have been encouraged to focus on each individual step and to know that every small step counts. 

Mr Terry Clark has informed the College that he will be resigning at the end of the term to take up a teaching position at Caloundra City Private. We will formally farewell and thank Mr Clark at the end of the term and wish him well in his remaining weeks here at the College. Mrs Shelley Hogan will be returning from maternity leave at the start of Term 3 and will take over Mr Clark’s class. We are pleased to announce that Dr Ashwita Venkatesh will be joining the College at the start of Term 3 as a Middle and Senior College Maths and Science teacher. Dr Ashwita Venkatesh will commence at the College later this term to get to know students and the College in readiness for her start next term.

May God equip us to live respectful, empowered lives in response to His love and grace.

Dr Bronwyn Dolling, Principal