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Principal's Log

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Like other organisations, Pacific is calmly and purposefully putting contingency plans in place for different scenarios in relation to the Coronavirus (COVID19). All detailed communication regarding updated information has and will continue to be sent via email. As in all situations where there is urgent communication to be shared, this will be sent via SMS and posted on the red banner on our website. We have all seen where misinformation via social media has led to unhelpful behaviour on a national level. It is important that we rely only on official communication from the government and related organisations. For our College community this will be via email as outlined above. As referred to in the latest email dated 10th March, all families are encouraged to discuss with their children the importance of maintaining high levels of hygiene at home and at the College and to follow the advice given if members of the family develop flu-like symptoms. A reminder of this advice has been provided by our College nurses later in this newsletter.

As Middle and Senior College students engage with assessment and feedback over the coming three weeks it is important that they maintain a calm, positive and purposeful approach to the learning. Reflective thinking and conversations centred on what I can do, what I do understand and what I can do as a next small step is helpful in growing both efficacy and agency.

It is exciting to see that the first Duke of Edinburgh expedition for 2020 will occur over the Easter holiday break. The expedition to the Noosa Everglades is open to all Year 10-12 students and enables Bronze, Silver and Gold Duke of Edinburgh students to advance their progress towards the achievement of these awards. We thank Ms Kim Wood for her leadership and support of this experience.

On Wednesday our Year 12 students enjoyed the opportunity to attend the University Showcase that visited the College. Representatives from Queensland universities, TAFE and the Defence Force shared information about post-schooling options with the cohort. Students then engaged directly with representatives in an expo-style set up to have their questions answered and learn more about future pathway options. We thank Mrs Wanda Hayes for her coordination of this valuable experience.

May God give us all calm minds where we identify the strengths of our situation and the small steps to take to move forward purposefully.

Dr Bronwyn Dolling, Principal