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Principal's Log

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We look forward to the return of our Year 9 students tomorrow, who by all reports have grown through their shared experiences of hiking, a solo night, high ropes, animal care, food preparation, horse riding and reflection. We appreciate the leadership of Mr Ben Ryan and the Immanuel Lutheran College staff in the organisation of the Mt Binga experience and thank Mrs Natalie Campbell, Pastor Tim Jarick and Ms Marg Gunn who visited on various days.

At the end of year, we farewell a number of staff. Mr Steven Lake will be taking on the role of Deputy Principal at Redeemer Lutheran College in Biloela. Mr Lake, together with Mrs Helen Williams and Mrs Aleisha Tuaine, has supported tremendous growth in the quality and numbers of students involved in our ensemble groups and has been passionate in his teaching of classroom music. Mr Adam Doyle will be taking on the role of Head of STEM at Caloundra Christian College. Mr Doyle has been generous with his time in the support of student learning in mathematics and has led the department through considerable change. Mrs Tracey White will be teaching in Bendigo and has led the teaching of legal studies including the move to a new senior course at Year 11. We thank all of these staff for what they have given and wish them well for their future. Mrs Christine Doyle has decided not to return in 2020 and we thank her for her contribution in support of Year 3-5 student learning. 

We also farewell five contract staff as Mrs Colleen Beattie, Mrs Elley Wood, Mrs Sarah Atkinson, Ms Nell Keen, Mr Damien Evans, Mr Ian Learoyd and school nurse Mrs Maree Hooper return from maternity and long service leave next year. We thank Mrs Sue Warren for her leadership of the library and passion for literature that she has shared with our community, Ms Nadine Richardson for her support and nurturing of our Year 3 learners, Ms Kate Child for her strong contribution as a HASS, English and PE teacher, Mr Rhys Hurren for his enthusiastic and committed approach to teaching English and History and Mrs Paula Willis for her capable teaching of hospitality and leadership of VET.

Mr David Druery will be finishing in his role as Head of Staff and Students P-5. Mr Druery has been a strong leader of both the staff and students in the Junior College. He has been instrumental in the development of social and emotional wellbeing through his direct support of students, staff and parents, the implementation of restorative practices and the incorporation of positive psychology. We thank Mr Druery for his very significant contribution over 13 years and wish him well for his long service leave in Term 1 before he returns in a part time teaching capacity in Term 2 next year.

Ms Sue Arahill will be continuing in a new role next year as the Director of Learning, which will have a focus on the continuing enhancement of teacher pedagogy and curriculum development. As well as having this role in the past, Ms Arahill has also been providing strong support to senior students and their families since our first group of Year 11 students undertook senior studies in 2004, including the leadership of QCS preparation. We appreciate the strong support Ms Arahill has given and the difference this has made for many students and their families. We thank Mr Brett Kernovske for his capable and supportive leadership of Mumba in his acting role this term.

In response to these changes and the continuing growth in the Middle and Senior College, we look forward to welcoming the following staff into permanent new roles. Mr Damian Davis as Head of Staff and Students P-5, Ms Anne Marie Gerlach who is currently Head of Learning Senior College at Canterbury College as the Head of Learning Senior Students, Mr David Burrows who is currently Acting Deputy Principal at St Mary’s College Toowoomba having previously been a Head of Mathematics in the United Kingdom as the Head of Mathematics, Ms Kim Wood who is currently a paramedic and previously the Head of Outdoor Education at Brisbane Girls Grammar School as Head of Outdoor Education, Mr David Simpfendorfer returns as a music teacher having been Head of Performing Arts at Redeemer Lutheran College, Mr Jim Tamvakis from Moreton Bay Boys as a teacher of Mathematics And Science, Ms Kristie Broad currently at Good Shepherd Catholic College in Mt Isa as Legal Studies and Business teacher, Mrs Nina Devenish currently Head of Japanese at St Mary’s College in Maryborough as a Japanese teacher, Mr Scott Massie currently teaching at Sunshine Coast Grammar School as a Year 3-7 teacher and Mrs Kirsty Roy who continues as an English and HASS teacher. We look forward to these very capable staff adding to student experience next year.

As the year ends, we look forward to the P-5 Carols Evening and both the Junior College and Middle and Senior College Closing Services next week, where we celebrate the growth, events, achievements of the year and those students making a transition to their next phase of learning. 

As I have reflected on the year that has gone, I am deeply appreciative of the generosity of spirit of staff, students and parents that permeates our community as we come together with the common purpose of providing rich opportunities for the growth of young people and making a difference in the broader community. We thank students and parents for their tremendous goodwill and support. We thank our staff for their willingness to engage in continuous learning and improvement and their commitment to providing best outcomes for young people in all dimensions of their lives.

May this Christmas break be one of renewal and restoration, where God’s love brings joy, peace and hope into our lives. Thank you and God Bless!

Dr Bronwyn Dolling, Principal