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Principal's Log

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Pacific was one of 12 independent schools invited to present at the Independent Schools Queensland Curriculum Innovation Ideas Exchange Final Showcase earlier this week. We shared our learnings in the implementation of the underwater drone project that students have engaged in as part of their Year 9 STEM 2 elective. This project has grown capacity in student’s creativity, innovation, problem solving, critical thinking, communication and collaboration. Transdisciplinary experience, capability and motivation have also grown in the areas of Science, Technology, Engineering and Mathematics as students have designed and constructed their underwater drones to rescue a Barbie Doll. Partnership with Praesidium Global has seen our students gain extra insights into the design and construction process and the place and nature of innovative STEM thinking in industry from a global perspective. We thank Mr Wes Warner for his leadership, teacher Mrs Claire Richards and Praesidium Global CEO Mr David Baird for the rich learning experience offered to our students.

Webinars developed by our Head of Career Development Mrs Wanda Hayes will provide a great opportunity for senior students and their families to learn more about the university application process and overseas university study options. This new innovation for the College provides an opportunity for students and parents to connect with learning at a time and place that suits their family. We thank Mrs Wanda Hayes for providing this important opportunity for our students.

Thank you to staff, students and families who took part in the P-12 conferences over this past week. These conversations can help to clarify next steps, enhance learning and strengthen the learning partnership that exists between students, teachers and parents. We appreciate the time given by all members of our community.

May God help us to be discerning in paying attention to the inner voices that lead to positive purposeful action and grow in us the motivation, courage and capacity to make the most of gifts He has given us. 

Dr Bronwyn Dolling, Principal