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Principal’s Log

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Throughout this term we are focusing across P-12 on the mindset that “learning occurs at the point of challenge” and are using different versions of the Learning Pit of James Nottingham as a visual reminder  to embrace and grow through the challenge. This week we have focused on the first step of engaging with challenge.

As we confront challenges, we have a choice to embrace and grow through stepping into the pit or to avoid it. In order to embrace challenges in our learning we need to switch from the emotional flight (avoid) or fight (someone else’s fault that this is hard) response to engaging with the challenge. The two keys to success in engaging with challenge, are to switch from emotional self talk and use connections to switch to front of mind thinking and then be deliberate in our use of time.

This is aided through thinking about how this task is different or similar to what you have learnt before, and how it links to big ideas of the unit or the learning intention of the lesson. Writing down what you understand, which might begin as brainstorming or a best guess and evolve into a mindmap or for shorter tasks a good attempt, also helps shift our thinking into the mode of productive struggle. Discussing with a peer or parent what is understood and having that person ask questions builds connections and deepens understanding. For younger children, helping them to see how an idea connects to what they have done before and helping them to build from that point by questioning them helps to gain confidence in their learning.

Setting specific learning and personal goals helps to provide direction in our use of time. Recognising that we have moved to an emotional response and learning to switch to front of mind by looking for connections as soon as possible gets us moving in the right direction. Being fully present during class, home learning and using transition times well at home and at school creates time. Planning learning time by breaking learning into smaller steps and celebrating progress builds success and capacity.

Learning to engage with and grow through productive struggle is an important life skill that we are constantly needing to employ in all areas of life. Modelling to each other, how to grow through challenge is a great gift that we can share.

We celebrate our Da Vinci teams who were excited to grasp the challenge and performed very well against teams from across the Sunshine Coast and Brisbane in this highly regarded academic decathlon. We congratulate all of our teams, in particular our Year 5 and 8  teams who were placed second and the Year 6 and 9  teams who were placed third overall in their divisions. It was pleasing to see our teams consistently performing very well on the ideation, science and creative producers section of the competition. We thank Mrs Linda Sydes, Mr Andrew Block, Ms Taylor Edwards, Ms Adelle Byerlee and Chantal McAllister for their leadership of these teams.

We wish the cast and crew of Sense and Sensibility all the best as they enter their final fortnight of rehearsals and look forward to thoroughly entertaining performances on Friday 17th May and Saturday 18th May. This promises to be another high quality production that friends and family will enjoy!

Pacific plays an important role in assisting the Salvation Army to provide for families in need in our local area. Families are encouraged to make a difference through donating non-perishable food and household items to the Red Shield Appeal as listed after Chaplain Mark Hauser’s article.

Thank you to our Friends of Pacific team for their support at the Mother's Day stall.

We wish our Mums and carers a happy Mother’s Day and pray that God would continue to care for and refresh them through His love.

Dr Bronwyn Dolling, Principal