Principal’s Log

Principal’s Log

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We have had an outstanding semester filled with opportunity and growth.  Thank you to all parents, staff and students for the important role you have played in creating a vibrant place of learning and growth over the first half of the year. 

We had the privilege of being entertained by very high-quality performances of our musicians at the Ensembles Concert last Friday night.  Very strong performances in vocal, strings, jazz, orchestral and rock ensembles embraced the breadth and challenge of the repertoire presented.  Clever use of staging provided the perfect setting to professionally showcase the tremendous talent that sits within our junior and senior students and music staff.  Thank you and very well done to Head of Music, Mrs Carlie Purkis, Head of Instrumental Music, Mrs Helen Williams, Music teacher Mr Paul Cusick and our instrumental teachers on the growth of both skill and the love of music.  The joy and excellence of performance came through strongly.

Thank you to our hospitality staff and student team very capably led by Mrs Emma Lendrum, Mrs Rhana Holt, and Ms Lucy Comerford for providing wonderful food and beverages for us to enjoy throughout the evening.  The hospitality team has regularly provided our community with great food and service over the semester, including through the Coral Café each morning.  We appreciate the significant time and care that has gone into supporting activities and events, including the Ensembles Concert.  As Mrs Colleen Beattie returns from maternity leave, we thank Mrs Emma Lendrum for doing an outstanding job as Acting Head of Hospitality.  We also thank Ms Lucy Comerford who has very capably taught and been generous with her time as an enthusiastic and capable member of the hospitality team.  We wish Ms Comerford all the best and thank her for her generosity, professionalism and contribution.

Over the weekend the Year 12 students led their Year 12 Retreat at Luther Heights.  As a student led initiative, they take responsibility for the planning and running of the program at the invitational retreat. Staff and students valued the blend of challenge, fun, connection and reflection provided by the retreat. It was a privilege to simply sit together on Sunday morning as students led their outdoor chapel service and final reflections. Well done to our Year 12s and congratulations to the student leaders on planning such a memorable event for the cohort.  Thank you to Acting Director of Students, Mrs Leigh Finter, Mrs Leah Croke, Mrs Angela Hill, Mrs Wanda Hayes, Mr Josh Cummins, Ms Megan Bancks, Mr Josh Danzey, Mr Ian Learoyd and Ms Sue Arahill who joined the students at various points over the weekend.

There was great enthusiasm as a large number of parents came to cheer on the Prep-Year 2 students as they competed in their cross country on Wednesday afternoon. Our Year 6 students led Prep-Year 2 students in House war cries and supported all junior competitors before and during their race. Year 6 students were truly inspirational, cheering the Prep-2s as they ran around the course, at times running alongside helping them find that final burst of energy to the finish line. Well done to all Prep-Year 2 students who participated. It was great to see so many students get involved, with some tremendous individual efforts on show. Congratulations to Buran House, winners of the 2022 Prep-2 Cross Country event. We thank Mr Hooper and the Physical Education team for their organisation.

We look forward to welcoming back the Year 7 students from their camp this afternoon.  All reports are that the students and staff have enjoyed this opportunity to grow through a range of experiences in the outdoors.  We thank Mr Paul Brace for his leadership and planning and Mrs Leah Croke, Mr Mark Hauser, Ms Megan Bancks, Mr Josh Cummins, Mr Josh Danzey, Mr Brett Kersnovske, Mr Liam Jacka, Mrs Linda Sydes, Mr Sam Irwin, and Mrs Sharon Middleton for their leadership and support of the students.

We wish Ms Rebecca Ross, Head of Science all the best as she takes well-earned long service leave over this next semester. We congratulate Mrs Claire Richards on her appointment as the Acting Head of Science and Mr Liam Jacka who will return to teach science in the Middle College. We wish Miss Alisha Marxen every blessing as she takes maternity leave next semester. We look forward to welcoming Mr Chris Gilmore.

We thank all staff and students for an outstanding semester and wish you all an enjoyable and safe time of rest and rejuvenation. We trust that all families can enjoy the change of rhythm that school holidays provide.

We say a prayer of thanks for the many gifts that God has given us this semester, We pray that God would keep us all safe over the coming break.

Dr Bronwyn Dolling, Principal