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Principal’s Log

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Congratulations to the cast and crew of Dracula for an outstanding performance.  Talented performances and direction enabled the balance between the tension of dramatic events and lighter moments of this iconic drama to flow powerfully.  Well done to everyone for a very professional production that had strong performances, clever set design, and effective costuming and choreography.  Right to the design of the Program, it was a thoroughly professional and entertaining production.  Very well done to Mrs Janine Delaney and her team. 

Staff, students and parents will have noticed the new signage that has been placed around the College. Each major sign has a series of 9 tiles attached.  These tiles designed by our Year 10 students of 2021, capture a piece of flora or fauna that can be found on our site.  In the two examples below we can see how the image of part of a tree frog and a native bee have been transformed into a creative tile representation. The tiles are arranged to subtly create a sense of the cross, in the centre reminding us that God is at the centre of His creation and flows as a constant presence through our lives. The whole design reminds us that we are an interdependent part of God’s rich creation.  We thank Mrs Denise McMahon, Ms Lara Masselos, Mrs Rowena Marshall, and the Year 10 Art students listed below, for their very thoughtful and creative contribution to our community.

Thank you to our Year 10 2021 artists for their contribution to the new signage for Pacific Lutheran College. Maya Armitage, Madeline Attard, Ruby Cleland, Caelan Dean-Meredith, Mia Hetherington, Ella Kidd, Elizabeth Maclean, Beyonce Mathew, Elyse McFadyen, Gabrielle Rattey, Ayla Sheridan, Mia Sheridan, Jade Smart, Tiffany Szerenyi, Harrison Taylor, Annalise Whight, Zaida Williams, Ashton Whight, Sofia Aronsson, Jazmyn Bell, Mona Finney, Keira Hickey, Jewel Jamieson, Samantha McVicar, Hanna Meager, Davina Sebastian, Shallah Siddans, Frank Smith, Roze Stockwell, and Eden Williams.

Congratulations to our Esport teams who have reached the semi-finals of the Rocket League competition this week.  The international competition conducted by the Federation of United Schools Esports (FUSE) as part of the FUSE Cup provides the opportunity for students to compete across Oceania. We thank Mrs Janine Stone for her leadership of the teams and wish the teams all the best for the semi-finals.

Congratulations to Elke Madlener and Jada Baker who competed successfully at the National Kayaking competition last week. Elke won a Bronze Medal in the K4 500m Nationals Final & finished 5th in the K2 1000m Australian Nationals Final. Jada won a Bronze Medal in the National Canoe Sprint Championships after a week of intense competition. Well done to these students and thank you to Mr Gary Graves and his team for their development of our kayakers.

We thank God for all of the simple joys that surround us each day come rain or shine.

Dr Bronwyn Dolling, Principal