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Outdoor Education

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Following, Megan shares her reflections from the Year 7 Camp, which was held earlier this term.

“One of the highlights from Camp Somerset was the Giant Swing. When I was being harnessed I was really nervous and scared. Lots of others felt the same way. When I let go off the rope and dropped and swung out over the cliff my stomach was jumping and I screamed. But when the rope started to slow down, I realised it wasn’t so bad and I was proud of myself. I have a fear of heights.

Another highlight was mountain biking. We had to get used to the brakes on the professional mountain bikes. Most of us are used to riding road bikes. Lots of people got a fright when they reached the first downhill run. The road was very bumpy, rocky and unstable with lots of loose gravel. We all made it safely down the first hill. The first uphill run was tough. Most people had to get off their bikes half way up and walk their bikes to the summit. Some people in each group fell off their bikes and had bruises to take home as souvenirs.

On the first night at camp out, I got to help make nachos. We were really worried about eating dehydrated mince. Luckily, it was actually really good and a lot of people were surprised when they tried it. It tasted like normal mince that you would but at Woolies or the butcher.

Even though it rained nearly the whole time, it did not matter because we could still do things in the rain and when we couldn’t, we did indoor activities. It was very misty and foggy but it was still a great week.” – Megan

Upcoming Duke of Edinburgh Expedition

During the upcoming April school holidays, the first Duke of Edinburgh expedition will be held from 3rd – 7th April. The expedition is open to all Year 10-12 students, but we specifically encourage our Bronze, Silver and Gold Duke of Edinburgh participants to join!

Students will head to Elanda point and camp the night on shores of Lake Cootharaba, which is Queensland's largest saltwater lake and is the gateway to Australia's only everglades system. From here, students will explore the upper reaches of the Noosa River and enjoy sunset at the Cooloola Sandpatch before returning on 7th April. The cost is to be advised.

Students who are interested are asked to contact me directly at: kwood@pacluth.qld.edu.au.

Ms Kim Wood, Head of Outdoor Education