Outbound Exchange Program

Outbound Exchange Program

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As we begin 2017, we welcome senior students Mali Davis and Lauren Petersen to back Pacific. Mali and Lauren were the first students to participate in a one-term exchange at our Japanese sister school, Seishin Gakuen. Both girls spent much of Term 3 preparing for the exchange and finally, spent approximately 10 weeks experiencing student life in Japan. Both girls have reflected on their experience below:

“If you asked me what my most amazing experience to date is, I would say, without a doubt, it was my Japanese exchange. Everything about the trip was perfect; the people, the culture, the food, it was extraordinary. Although my host sister, Chise, was not in my class, I had four shadow students to look after me: Miku, Mayu, Suzuna, and Aina. Everyone at Seishin made me feel so welcome that there wasn’t a day where I wanted to go home. Not only were the people amazing, but also the opportunities I had were endless. I had the privilege of joining the Kyuudou club (Japanese Archery). Kyuudou is immensely difficult as it is all about technique, but thanks to my fellow club members, I was able to thoroughly enjoy it. From that experience, I plan to continue Kyuudou back in Australia. Mali and I also joined the tea ceremony club every Tuesday, which was filled with green tea, traditional sweets and chatting to our new friends. Outside of school, my host sister, shadow students and other friends took me to many different places including Disneyland, Harajuku (a district in Tokyo), Kashima Jingu (the local Shinto shrine), Sawara Autumn Festival and an Onsen as well as to countless restaurants. My host family made me feel so comfortable and treated me as one of their own. All in all, I wish I could do it again and I hope that the future exchange students will have the same, if not better, experience as me.”

- Lauren Petersen

“Last year I spent two months in a country I'd never been to. Travelling provides the upmost perspective on life and flips the entirety of your existence upside down. A substantial part of my stay involved being completely confused. In Japan I learnt what it means to understand, because you definitely know when you do not. So much of our lives is a steady and consistent level of learning and expanding of our understanding. A very quick way to change everything about that linear growth is to live in a place like Japan and attend school, without your teachers, friends or loved ones.

In most circumstances I had no clue. None whatsoever. That's incredibly terrifying, but it's also incredibly interesting and empowering. For my entire stay I learnt something new almost every moment. That's powerful. 

In Japan I learnt to value learning as one of the most important things in my life. I've learnt as a person there are very few things that are more important than relationships and learning. We have a pretty amazing opportunity to access those things in our community. I have incredible respect for my education, that is not only my 12 years of school… it goes beyond that. I'm very grateful to Hauser Sensei, Pietrala Sensei, Schlotterbach Sensei, Stone Sensei, Mr Delaney and Dr Dolling for their active and selfless involvement in working tirelessly to provide the best opportunity I could have been blessed with. I'd also like to thank the Pacific community for your kindness and support before, during and after my exchange. I cannot wait to be involved in future relationships with Seishin Gakuen and its beautiful community. I wish the very best of luck to the 2017 Japan Trip and the 2017 Outbound Exchange students. Japan will forever be a massive part of my education and my life and I will be forever grateful. ありがとうございました”

- Mali Davis

The Outbound Exchange program is open to Year 10 students studying Japanese. Information about the program will be distributed later this term.

Mrs Michiko Hauser, Head of Japanese 6-12