Out of Eden: Project Learn

Out of Eden: Project Learn

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As part of Out of Eden: Project Learn, Year 4 classes had a special guest speaker this week, a refugee named Hussein. Through the project, students have seen many examples of displaced peoples and learnt about the situations that confront them to find basic necessities that we often take for granted. Hussein’s visit was very powerful and we reflected on it as a class.

“Yesterday a refugee named Hussein came to Year 4 to speak to us. I felt so sad for him. He hasn’t seen his family for years. I couldn’t imagine not seeing my family for 10 years. Travelling to Australia was hard enough. He had no water for three days and he slept squished up next to 68 other people for two weeks. When he gets to meet his family again, it can’t be in Kuwait because he will be arrested. He will have to meet them in Iran. He loves our country more than most of us and he was not born here. He had a message for us to ‘Love Australia’. He kept saying it. He was inspiring and interesting to listen to.” - Angus

“As Hussein shared his inspirational stories with us, I thought about how amazing our country is and what we have to be thankful for. I look at myself as being spoiled and having so much. He risked his whole life to come here. I was puzzled by why he couldn’t get back to his family and I hope he gets to see them again one day.” - Chloe

“On Tuesday 29th May, a man called Hussein came to explain what life was life as a Bedouin. He explained what is was like on the other side of the world. I thought everyone has breakfast, goes to school, has dinner and goes to bed. But no, he had to keep travelling to different places just to survive. He had a scary journey and stayed in a detention centre. He really made me see the world differently.” - River

Mr Damian Davis, Year 4 Teacher