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ANZAC Day is a very significant day for a number of reasons. For trumpet players, it is always a nerve-wracking day, as invitations and requests to play The Last Post and the Rouse begin flowing in. For those unfamiliar with the mechanics of the trumpet, or more traditionally, the bugle, these two pieces are some of the most challenging a trumpeter will encounter! They are both played with open valves, meaning that each note is controlled by the lips – no small challenge! If this wasn’t tricky enough, it’s one of the most closely listened to solos there is.

This year, the Pacific Music Department could not have been prouder as we heard reports of our trumpet students proudly playing The Last Post in driveway services around the Coast. For Year 9 student, Dion Owen and his mother, this involved preparing a letterbox drop to invite neighbours to come together (observing social distancing) for the service and then preparing breakfast and ANZAC biscuits for after.

Year 10 student, Lachlan Eden is no stranger to playing at ANZAC Day services and proudly took part in a driveway service this year. Miss Lowth, our Brass teacher, also proudly took part in this event. Well done!

Online Music lessons are proving to be a big success and it is wonderful to see our instrumentalists continuing to grow their skills. All instrumental lessons are available online and most tutors still have some vacancies for those wishing to begin lessons. To receive an enrolment form or further details, please email Mrs Helen Williams:

Although ensembles are currently not rehearsing, all groups have been set up in Teams with copies of sheet music and links to rehearsal recordings of current pieces. Please check that your student is accessing this music and practising regularly. Happy music making!

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